10 bad habits for heart health

10 bad habits for heart health
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Today we suggest learn some bad habits to heart health. This list is intended to summarize those risk factors for cardiovascular diseases most important. I encourage you to read this carefully and think about the simple changes you can make in your favor.

Sedentary lifestyle

The work and busy lives leave us with little free time we usually wasting activities like watching TV for hours, accompanied by unhealthy snacks. Besides the risk of obesity, long sitting is bad for cardiovascular health. If at home, leave the film on pause and go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. But it also applies to when you’re in the office: you should stand, stretch and walk a few minutes. Doing exercise is necessary, move, essential.

bad habits for heart health
Human heart with heart vessles inside human body and ECG, 3D illustration


Smoking is an unhealthy habit, not only for yourself but for those around you. In addition to the risk of lung diseases, smoking is harmful to the heart, causing problems of blockage in the arteries. Would you take the blame for those around you sick? There are several methods to quit smoking you can try.

Poor feeding

Eating after hours, eating junk food, sugars and processed foods, as well as over-eating, are poor eating habits and risk factors for heart health. You must lead a healthy and balanced diet, with the amount of food needed daily, and enjoy them in perspective.

Excess alcohol

We know that a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage does not involve great risks, and may even be beneficial in more ways than one. However, a lot of alcohol carries the risk of hypertension, which can be fatal to the heart. Not to mention weight gain derived from the calories added by these many drinks.

Failure to take your meds

If the doctor has prescribed a certain medication to combat hypertension, has not done so in order to complicate your life with schedules that respect and economic costs. The drugs are designed to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Even if you feel better or if you believe that the medicines do not work, do not stop taking them. Check with your doctor to find alternatives.

Do not eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables give us an incredible amount of essential nutrients daily, besides being healthy sources of carbohydrates, water and fibers. All this is good for overall health, but also scientific studies have determined that consuming more fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Excess salt

Of all the health habits of the heart, this is the easiest to fix. Alternatives to reduce salt intake are several. Use herbs and spices in your meals is the solution you need to leave the salt, control blood pressure and prevent further damage to your body.

Let invade your life stress

Dealing with goals, problems dates, times and can be very stressful obligations, besides motivating anger, moodiness and depression. Reducing stress is crucial for these emotions affect your mental health, or health of the heart. Exercise, enjoy recreational activities with family and friends is essential.

Ignoring symptoms

When the signs of heart problems and cardiovascular health appear, be sure to ignore them. If you suffer from chest pains or frequent persistent, see your doctor. Addressing these signs appear is just a necessary measure. You must be attentive to the needs of the body and mind when worries begin to affect you, stop and put things in place.

Do not accept the risks

The cardiovascular diseases are responsible for more deaths in the developed world. In addition to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and other causes, ignore the consequences of poor health habits is another risk factor. You must be aware of what you do to your body and seek a healthier lifestyle.

Now you knew these 10 bad habits to cardiovascular health, I encourage you to learn some healthy habits to improve your quality of life.