4 Benefits of Installing Additional Windows in Your Home

4 Benefits of Installing Additional Windows in Your Home
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Windows are a critical feature of any home. They have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of living including, but not limited to, energy efficiency, temperature, privacy, and aesthetics. If you find yourself in possession of a home that doesn’t have many windows, there can be some profound benefits to adding some additional ones. Here are four such benefits that address the concerns and needs of modern homeowners.

1. More Light

Unless you want to spend lots of money on your electric bill, you should consider windows as extra light sources. Skylights cut down on overhead light usage, and vertical windows allow you to enjoy natural light while you have it during the day. Considering electricity overuse is something that plagues our environment to an astonishing degree, not only will additional windows save you money, they’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. In this day and age, that’ll at the very least earn you some bragging rights. If you’re worried about privacy, but still want to have a ton of windows, look into glass treatments (like frosted glass or blocks) that will still allow for lots of light to enter, but will obscure you while you’re getting dressed.

Benefits of Installing Additional Windows in Your Home


2. Opportunity to Up Resale Value

Newer windows will automatically up your resale value if you know you’ll sell your home eventually. If you have a few older windows and want to add more, consider replacing the older ones at the same time. Even if you don’t, your home’s value will increase if you have newer windows in addition to the older ones. Most modern windows offer amenities like heat retention, are easier to clean and don’t require you to use storm windows. They look nicer and they’re less work overall.

3. Energy Saving

Many popular companies offer energy efficient windows. They can have a huge impact on your energy usage, and they usually save you money. You can get Low-E (low emissivity) glass that comes with a metallic coating on the glass that reflects heat. It keeps the heat outside in the summer and inside in the winter. You’ve probably heard at least one mother in your lifetime yell for you to close a door lest you let the heat or the A/C out. Installing these windows will have you going one better. Also, the coating blocks harmful UV rays while letting in over 90% natural light.

4. Bigger on the Inside

The more windows you have, the bigger your house will feel. Not all of us can afford to live in a mansion or a light, airy loft. If you have a more traditional home, giving yourself more windows to the outside will make you feel like you’re in a larger home than you actually are. Just as mirrors are used to give the illusion of a larger space, so can windows be used to make the general size of your home feel bigger than it actually is.



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