5 decoration ideas for bathroom walls

5 decoration ideas for bathroom walls
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In the world of interior design, the mistake is sometimes made of seeing the bathroom as a solely functional space, without taking into account that this room can have an attractive decoration at the level of the rest of the rooms in the house.

It’s not all about tile and tile. In this post we suggest some decoration options to make your bathroom stand out.

1. Art bathroom walls

Use illustrations or framed photos to accentuate at least one of the bathroom walls. You can hang them or also place them on shelves. If your bathroom walls are neutral, try colorful art to add some playfulness to space.

2. Shelves bathroom walls

Rather than just gambling on cabinets and drawers as your storage method, explore other options for storing your toiletries and towels. Think ladders, floating shelves, and even boxes to creatively organize all of these items.

3. Vinyl tilesbathroom walls

A quick and inexpensive way to decorate bathroom walls is to use vinyl tiles. These are available in various patterns and color options that can instantly bring walls to life. In addition, vinyl tiles can be easily removed or replaced whenever desired.

4. Lightingbathroom walls

Don’t think of lights as a necessity, but also as a decorative accessory. Lighting can completely change the look of your bathroom. To do this, make sure the space is well lit and invest in quality wall lights, strategically placed.

To further elevate the look, we suggest adding a dazzling mirror between two wall sconces.

5. Vinyl rugs

In addition to being non-slip, anti-allergic, and providing comfort, hydraulic floors are a perfect accessory to be used as a focal point in the bathroom. They are available in a wide range of designs and can even be adapted to space by being made to measure.