Best and cozy hotel room decoration ideas from the experts

Best and cozy hotel room decoration ideas from the experts
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To decorate a hotel room with taste and elegance, you don’t need renowned decorators’ services. With a little attention and care, great results can be achieved to make the room a place with unique charm. These tips will be useful both for people who own a hospitality business and want to give a professional touch and give their clients rooms with the best decoration, as well as for those who want to impregnate that footprint in the rooms of their home, for example, in rooms for guests.

Cozy hotel room decoration ideashotel room decoration

Many times it has happened to us: we have fallen in love with the room of a hotel in which we have stayed. The decoration in this type of room is essential to attract customers and, above all, get them back. We must pursue elegance and create a cozy and practical space with comfort above all else. In this article, we offer you a decoration guide for hotel rooms.

Brightness and spaciousnesshotel room decoration

A bright and spacious hotel room is key for guests to feel the best well-being in it. Take advantage of the corners of it and choose colors that make it look as spacious as possible. Let the sun and the outdoor light be the protagonists in the decoration!

The place where it is located and the type of clients it will host

A room for a youth hostel will not be decorated the same as one where, mostly, families or couples will sleep. Before deciding on one or the other style, we will think about our guest target.

In addition, it is a success to impregnate a discreet touch of the city or the place where you are. For example, we will orient ourselves towards a more rural style if our room is located in the middle of the mountains. Our travelers seek relaxation, calm, and disconnection, or we can give a certain local touch, moving the city to the walls of the room.

Color and joyhotel room decoration

Although we can opt for less vivid and more sober colors, it is always convenient to recreate a certain aspect of joy, dynamism, and well-being that accompanies travelers during dreamy nights.

For example, in beachfront accommodation, a good combination of well-distributed blues and whites, with furniture that follows harmony on the terrace, will be a fresh and winning bet.

A certain touch of fantasy and romanticism

Hotels will also be dreamed of. A room in an accommodation can be decorated in infinite ways and is intended for many different uses, but it never hurts to give it a touch of romance and a little bit of fantasy in its decoration.

Runaway from the conventional

If you want this room to be remembered as something special, avoid the typical furniture and elements and innovate in them and in the decoration itself. The secret lies in giving it a unique imprint. Although the black-white contrast may be a safe bet, don’t forget to introduce the details that make the room exclusive.

For example, you can try to run away from smooth walls and bet on painting a wall in another color or integrate matching wallpaper with curtains over the head of the bed.

Harmonyhotel room decoration

The decoration must follow harmony. The curtains, bedspreads, additional chairs must combine so that the final effect does not produce a rejection in our clients. At the end of their stay, they feel like they are somewhere special in a place that has been pampered in detail for their well-being.

Comfort and functionalityhotel room decoration

It integrates all the elements that may be useful for travelers: whether they are going to spend a night or for longer stays. Let them find everything they may need. For example, different forms of lighting places to store and organize your objects, accessible plugs, lamps, small details such as a kettle and tea bags, mirrors, cushions of various types and sizes, an adjustable system of blinds and curtains. For that, they can choose the amount of light that enters the room. It must be a space where everyone is comfortable and can customize it according to their needs.

Always innovate

Even if you have finished with the decoration, always try to think about how you could improve the service and design and ask your clients or guests about it. Perhaps, at first, your budget is not very large, but you can gradually integrate small details that your customers, both fixed and occasional, will love.

The use of white

As we have spoken many times in previous posts, white is a color whose possibilities should be thoroughly understood in decoration. It is a color that provides freshness, cleanliness, and elegance. It will be a great ally in the decoration of hotel rooms.

In addition, we may not have all the budget that we would like for this task, so, normally, we will find curtains, bedding, and white towels without prints at a lower budget than in other colors. We must bear in mind that in accommodation with many rooms we will need a large number of them, but if we use standard decoration in our rooms, the hotel will not be special. We propose to maximize the possibilities of white, but not as the base color, but as a contrasting element. We will achieve this by painting the walls in a different color, choosing patterned or colorful bedspreads, curtains, and rugs, and reserving white for the most common elements: bedding, cushions or towels.

Different furniture

Who said that all rooms in a hotel must be uniform? We can decorate thematically or change them slightly, for example, by integrating a vintage piece of furniture or different headboards for the bed. We can find great deals on second-hand or sale furniture with a special touch and then distribute them throughout the hotel rooms, depending on each one’s design.

Likewise, even if the armchairs or sofas are always the same, we can upholster them with different fabrics to slightly break the rooms’ uniformity, always providing the same services in one as in the other, if the price is going to be the same. Themed hotels make the customer curious to try rooms with new decorations.

Details in the rooms

The details will make customers always remember your hotel. There is nothing simpler and that has a better effect than small presents that surprise the guest and make him feel cared for and pampered. These tricks can also be integrated at home, for example, in your guest room, which you can decorate as a hotel so that your visitors feel lodged in one of the best hotels in the city.

Useful cards

These are not advertising brochures, but rather fun cards of different designs, with graphics and drawings that you will find under the pillow, on the doorknob or on the table, both guests and customers. There, they will find things like useful telephones, the Wi-fi password, options, hours.


Leaving a small box or basket with some basic things for your daily use will make you feel great. Small chocolates, small bottles of liquor, wipes, a box of mineral salts or bubbles that foam in the bathroom, matches, a toy for the little ones, bags of candy … the options are numerous. It does not cost much and it is a very colorful and decorative detail that everyone will appreciate.

Cafeteria services

As we have mentioned, it is always a good idea to integrate a coffee maker or a kettle, some bags of sugar, cups and teas so that the client or guest does not have to leave the room if they do not feel like it.

Welcoming you with a cold bottle of welcome water or a very fresh natural juice is something that usually stays in the minds of travelers.

A successful and different decoration is what has made many hotels earn a worldwide reputation. If you want yours to stand out for decoration, perhaps these ideas will inspire you.



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