Best Skateparks in the World

Best Skateparks in the World
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Gone are the days of jumping fences with your friends to skated in abandoned pools. Skateboarding is now a recognised global sport, with pro’s like Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, and Tony Hawk household names.

As a result, we have seen skateparks pop up all over the world. Whether you’re in rainy London, sunny California or frozen Moscow you’re never a stone throw from a local skatepark.

At Blue, White & Grey we have narrowed down our top 5. So, if you’re lucky enough to travel the globe on your skateboard any time soon, check out some of these beasts…

1) Black Pearl Skatepark – Cayman Islands

We had to start with the “Black Pearl”. This concrete haven based in the Grand Harbour is the Worlds largest (and most expensive) outdoor skatepark. Featuring bowls, rails, stairs, ledges, handrails, moguls, and any other skateable object you can think of it’s definitely worth the pricey entrance fee.

2) Stoke Plaza – Stoke, UK

To the British, Stoke is more commonly known for its pottery factory, not it’s a skatepark. However, this 34,000 ft concrete jungle is one of the best and well thought out parks we have ever had the pleasure of skating. Perfect for the street skater (which most of the English are), you can’t help but skate for hours.

3) Lincoln City Skatepark – Oregon, USA

Dubbed “The Gnarliest Park in the World” by renowned skateboarding magazine Thrasher, the Lincoln City Skatepark in Oregon is a maze of bowls, hips, bumps, quarter-pipes, and wall-rides. Continually growing, it seems like it is actually five skateparks built into one.

4) SMP Skatepark – Shanghai, China

Based in the heart of smoggy Shanghai lies this concrete beast. There is so much to skate you can often become overwhelmed, but we’ve never considered that a problem. The SMP Skatepark boasts the world’s biggest ramp and biggest concrete bowl.

5) Venice Beach Skatepark – California, USA

Ever since the days of Dogtown and Z-Boys, Venice Beach has been a skateboarding Mecca. The Venice Beach Skatepark is the former stomping grounds of skateboarding legends Tony Alva and Jay Adams. Blessed with perfectly formed bowls, a challenging street section, and selection of mini-ramps you can’t help but waste away the hours here. One pointer, take your sunblock.



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