April 21, 2014

Book Review – “The Amateur” by Edward Klein

                           The Amateur by Edward Klein

Edward Klein (The Truth About Hillary, If Israel Lost the War) has authored a treatise critiquing the first term of President Obama. It echoes the hypocritical concerns expressed against the choice of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential running mate of John McCain that have been realized in our leader from Chicago. At least the Republicans selected a relative novice for second on the ticket, unlike the Democrats.

The tome traces the President’s political rise from Chicago to the heights of folly during Obama’s first and, hopefully, last term. I don’t say this with any vindictiveness toward our commander-in-chief. It is just that the country deserves to be relieved of the burdens of governance aggravated by someone so completely unsuited for the job and incapable of learning from the experience.

We gain insight into those human satellites that have been captured by the President’s gravitational field. Robert Gibbs, Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama are examined. The tug of war over Presidential access seemed to be controlled by Jarrett and the First Lady. Conflict between them and the White House staff was and still is sharp.

The book maintains that Valerie Jarrett is mainly responsible for the lack of contact between Obama and his supporters, but Mrs. Obama contributes to the President’s isolation as well. Although Mrs. Obama has actually been a pretty good First Lady, that is for public consumption. I don’t dismiss that as meaningless. I remember what a wonderful First Lady Laura Bush was and how the country seemed to like her. We want to like our First Ladies. But it is surprising how shabbily Oprah Winfrey has been treated and the President’s wife may share no small portion of responsibility for the poor treatment of Chicago’s star. I like Oprah. She may be a liberal but she was good to Charleston after Hurricane Hugo which buys a lot of sympathy in my book.

The insight on Reverend Wright and the Clintons is certainly eye-opening. I think Hillary is put in a good light. She’s loyal, which is a rare quality in politics. There is a lot covered in about 187 pages that have been carefully researched and has a ring of truth. It also seems obvious that Mr. Klein does not hold the present administration in high regard. That does not mean what he’s written is untrue. Just keep the author’s attitude in mind when you read it. The book is a historical treatise and history can only approach the truth. I think Mr. Klein has, as far as the President is concerned, gotten uncomfortably close.

4 out of 5 palmettos.

John Colbert/host


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