Can you view a Facebook story without them knowing?

Can you view a Facebook story without them knowing?
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If you want to see Facebook stories without anyone knowing, you can do it very easily through some tricks that you will see in this post. It’s just that sometimes you want to see a friend’s story, but you don’t want him to realize that you were snooping on his profile.

For these cases, there is a solution that would help you know if you really want to go unnoticed when watching a story from your friends. Without further ado, it is time for you to know how you can see Facebook stories without your friends on this social network knowing about it.

How to watch Facebook stories without anyone knowing Can you view a Facebook story without them knowing?

The stories of Facebook are the way they all users to share their stories with their friends online. When you want to know what your friends published in their stories without them realizing it, you should know how to see them without anyone noticing.

These are all the steps you should follow if you want to see the stories that your Facebook friends publish without them noticing.

  1. First, you must enter Facebook from your mobile device and wait for all the stories to load in the screen’s top feed.

Once you make sure that all the stories have been loaded, you must slide your finger down on your mobile notification bar.

  1. Next, you will see a panel of options where you must select airplane mode, to place the device in this suspension mode.
  2. Then, you close the notification bar and get ready to see the stories already loaded in the Facebook application.
  3. After viewing all the stories that interested you, you should go to phone settings and select “Applications”.
  4. A list of all the applications installed on your mobile will be displayed, choose Facebook. When you are in “Facebook” you must select “Storage” and then “Delete data”.
  5. Finally, you deactivate your mobile device’s airplane mode, so that you continue using it normally.

Doing this will erase all the data and everything you did in the application so that nobody knows the stories you see inside it. Also, you may be interested in how to hide your friend’s list on Facebook from your mobile, so that you keep your friends secret.

View Facebook stories from the browser without them noticing

If you use this social network through your computer and want to see the stories of your friends. Although Facebook is very safe and always notifies who watches the stories, there is an easy way to see them without them noticing.

These are the steps you should follow if you want to see the stories of any Facebook user who has a public profile without them noticing.

  1. Open your web browser and log in to your Facebook account through its official page.
  2. Next, find the people you want to see their story anonymously and copy the link that appears in the browser.
  3. Then close your session in the web browser and open a new tab incognito or privately.
  4. Then, paste the link you had previously copied, click the “Enter” button and the Facebook page with your friend’s profile will open.

Now you can see all the content that he has published for all audiences, such as stories and publications.

Most of the users of this social network place their stories so that all the public sees them, this is because they want to be more popular. This way, they can have more followers, but they will also leave their content exposed so that you can see their stories without realizing it.



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