When is it time to upgrade my lighting?

When is it time to upgrade my lighting?
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The majority of homes and businesses are still using outdated lighting systems. The trouble with this is that outdated lights can cost heavily in energy usage whilst providing poor lighting. Here are some signs that it might be time for an upgrade:

High energy use

Are you noticing that energy consumption and bills are increasing? If you’re still using fluorescent lights, it might shock you to learn that these can be 70% less efficient than modern LED lighting. Who wants to be using 70% more energy than they must, just in lighting their home or facility?


As well as increased energy consumption, outdated lighting sources, such as fluorescent require more in terms of maintenance. One LED bulb will last the equivalent of 5 fluorescent ones! If you own a large home or business, the cost of these lighting as well as maintenance and installation could mean it’s time to upgrade to something more efficient. Consider upgrading your Ceiling Roses as well at a site like Creative Cables

Perishing fittings

If your fixtures are looking dirty, tired, out of fashion or even damaged, then it’s definitely time to upgrade. An old and/or damaged fixture can become a real eyesore and have a negative impact on the ambience and how others view the property.

Bad quality light

Fluorescent bulbs burn out much faster than LED ones and until they burn out, their light emitting qualities fade rapidly too. If your room is dull, full of shadows or just not great for visibility, then it really is time to switch to a new system for your lighting needs.