April 17, 2014

Colbert-Busch is not who you think she is — read below!

I’ve been silent here since the debacle of November 6th.  Licking my wounds as it were.

But I want to urge all of you to be pro-active regarding the upcoming congressional election for District 1 on May 7th.  If you do nothing else, please, please vote!

As we saw in November, the other side is highly skilled and will bring everything they have to turn out every vote they can for Colbert-Busch.

Sanford is a flawed candidate, but this election can’t possibly be about character.  Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton were wonderfully decent and honorable men, and their lack of character never held them back.   Why hold Sanford up to a higher standard?

Colbert-Busch goes on and on about jobs, but that’s because she is extremely progressive.  If she were to talk about her true beliefs, she wouldn’t have a prayer in District 1.  She’s as left as left can be.

Don’t believe me?  Simply read this article in the City Paper, a left-leaning publication.  Make sure you read the next-to-last paragraph.


So do you want a conservative with a flawed character or a progressive who calls Jim Clyburn – one of the most ineffectual human beings on the planet – a “shining beacon of blue light in South Carolina”?

Pass the word to everyone you know that the sweet, grandmotherly persona you see in the ads is about as false as false can be.  Colbert-Busch will be a Democrat’s Democrat, in the Obama tradition.

And how’s that working out for ya?

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