How to get rid of cockroaches in apartments

How to get rid of cockroaches in apartments
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Summer is finally coming! Particularly hot days push us to leave doors and windows open. Even if we have the right temperature, we run the risk of letting annoying animals enter the house. If we can solve flies and mosquitoes by installing mosquito nets, these remedies may be insufficient for other types of insects.

Remedies against cockroaches

Whether we live in the house or apartments, nobody is safe from the invasion of cockroaches. These insects have the ability to sneak into the apartments very easily; they are also omnivorous and therefore eat everything, so it is very important to recreate a clean and sanitized environment.

In addition to feeding on insects, cockroaches love food residues, which is why it is often necessary to check the pantry and seal all food inside glass jars with airtight closure. The kitchen must always be clean and it is preferable to throw garbage often.

To block the invasion of cockroaches it is good to discover the entry point, so we have to analyze the state of the walls and sink holes, because they manage to sneak easily even in the small cracks.

Once the access point has been identified, sealing all openings is also important to prevent invasion of ants and silverfish. In this way, the house will be protected and free from any type of insect.

How to get rid of cockroaches with natural products

How to get rid of cockroaches in apartments

If the presence of cockroaches in your apartment is not serious, you can resort to natural and slightly invasive solutions. Here are the most effective methods …

Garlic and Bay leaf

The kitchen is full of spices and seasonings and some of these are a great way to get cockroaches away from our pantry. Just take a few bay leaves and some garlic cloves and in a moment we will have a natural insecticide. All we have to do is arrange these ingredients on saucers, place them in the areas where we have seen the cockroaches and in a short time, they will disappear from apartment.

Marseille soap

The most widely used natural detergent ever, in addition to being an excellent remedy for degreasing and cleaning the surfaces of the house or household appliances such as the fridge, it turns into an efficient repellent against cockroaches. Liquid or flake, all we have to do is dissolve the soap in warm water. With the help of a sprayer, we must distribute it on the surfaces from which the cockroaches enter.


The natural plant that all cat lovers know, because it frees our four-legged friends from fur balls and can be used against the invasion of cockroaches. The natural repellent must be placed near doors and windows. In the event that the presence of cockroaches is consistent, but not worrying, for a better result you can use it as an infusion and spray it in the affected areas.


The most effective and versatile natural disinfectant not only helps degrease surfaces and keep our conditioner bright and efficient, but it is an excellent insecticide. Just dilute it inside the water and wash the windows, doors and cracks with this solution.


Among the spices, that cockroaches hate most is rosemary. The strong and aromatic odor of this plant is among the most effective natural insecticides and is an excellent condiment for our dishes; we just have to place the jars in the areas at risk.

Getting rid of cockroaches with chemicals

If natural remedies have not been able to eliminate cockroaches from your apartment and the infestation is substantial, but not so much that you have to go to a specialized pesticide company or you can resort to chemical remedies.

In this case, specific insecticides must be used with the necessary precautions and following the instructions on the packaging. There are different types on the market, just choose the ones that are right for you and apply them where they are needed, keeping children away so as not to put their health at risk.



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