How to get rid of lisp

How to get rid of lisp
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Lisp is a language impediment in which a person cannot pronounce the sound “c” correctly, but instead, the “w” is emitted. “Sholnyshko”, “Shyr”, “Shasha” – if these words are pronounced by a 3-4 year old boy, then no questions arise, but if an adult licks, he seems mainly ugly and causes disgust.

A speech defect, which is normal at a young age, with insufficient parental attention has been shown to develop into a huge adult problem. It is easier to correct or correct the joint in childhood, but if the lisp remains up to 20-30 years, it will take much more time and effort to get rid of this defect, and sometimes even, unfortunately, it becomes impossible to create a beautiful speech.

How to get rid of lisping? Effective methods

How to get rid of lisp

1) Make sure to visit a speech therapist. Under careful supervision, you will be able to quickly learn new sounds and become better at pronouncing them. After the correct position of the language, sounds, phrases, expressions, tongue twisters are selected that allow you to consolidate the result and rather try the sounds in practice.

2) If you decide to rely solely on your strength, be sure to check the rhythm of nasal breathing. In order to clearly and correctly pronounce the sound “c”, the nasal passage must be completely released. The correct pronunciation of “c” depends directly on this, so special attention should be paid to this element.

3) Before class, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and find a table mirror that reflects all your manipulations. Clean hands are needed to ensure that some exercises may require the help of the fingers for better tongue installation.

4) It is very useful for lisping, as well as for other speech defects, using the tongue to create the shape of a cup. To do this, open your mouth, pull your tongue out and fold the side edges of the tongue. This tension allows you to activate all the muscles that are on the surface of the tongue and prepare them for work.

5) In order to prepare the tongue muscles for loading, there is another “Cork” exercise. You will need a stopper of wine. It is necessary to squeeze it with the lips and try to push it out with the tongue, while the lips should be tight. Do not try to push the cap immediately from the mouth. The point is to strain the tongue, prepare the muscles for work and not empty the mouth.

6) During all the lessons, it is essential to record the conversation on the recorder, this will help to notice the problem areas more clearly and work on them with all the strength.

7) To start pronouncing the sound “c” correctly, smile, showing your teeth, but without clenching your jaw. Place your tongue near your upper teeth or in the center and breathe out the air with all your might. If everything has been done correctly, you can hear a slight whistle, which means you are on the right track.

8) Only after reaching all points can you start practicing the tongue twister. On the Internet, as well as in numerous books, you can find a large number of tongue twisters and tongue twisters that allow you to process any type of sound. Start with simpler examples, end with more difficult ones.



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