How to get rid of paint smell

How to get rid of paint smell
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The painting is complete and you want to quickly enter a clean apartment. However, not everything is that simple. After cosmetic work, a persistent smell of paint remains in the apartment, which does not disappear for several days. Sure, it will disappear over time, but are you ready to wait?

The smell of the paint is not only uncomfortable. It leads to a deterioration of well-being, to dizziness. Therefore, we will try to eliminate unpleasant odor quickly and safely.

How to get rid of the smell of paint

How to get rid of paint smell

1) To paint faster, dry it with a weak vinegar solution. This makes the surfaces even shinier. Vinegar absorbs odors and is consumed without difficulty. Dilute a couple of spoons of vinegar in three liters of water. Moisten a clean rag or sponge in the solution and clean the painted areas. Before cleaning, make sure everything is dry so as not to damage the paint.

2) In a room with a strong smell of paint, you can arrange the bowls with dry absorbent substances. This is salt, baking soda, activated carbon. The bulk product must be changed every 8-10 hours and after a few days, the intensity of the sense of smell will decrease significantly.

3) The unpleasant smell can be masked by pleasant and delicate aromas. Put vanilla, ground coffee or citrus peels in the corners of the room. This method will eliminate the smell of the paint and give the room a pleasant elusive aroma.

4) One of the easiest ways to manage the smell of paint is to ventilate the room for a long time. If it happens in the winter, you need to leave the house for a few days. Remember to leave all the windows wide open. Upon returning, you will be convinced that the paint has completely dried and the smell has completely disappeared.

5) Essential oils perfectly absorb the smell of paint and give the room a delicate floral aroma. Put a few drops of any essential oil on the cotton pads and leave it indoors. Usually after a few hours, there is an improvement in the sense of smell.

6) Charcoal will help to cope with the smell quickly and safely. Burn some large pieces of wood in the courtyard and bring ash to the house. Leave for a day. Coal is able to eliminate any chemical odors in the shortest possible time.

7) You can arrange the onions in a room with the paint cut in half. They suppress the unpleasant smell of the paint and quickly disappear. Instead of onions, garlic can be used. Just remember to cut the heads into multiple parts so that the garlic absorbs the smell of the paint.

8) Lemon is another effective tool that can eliminate paint odor. Lemon wedges can be placed in the room. You can also dilute citric acid or lemon juice in water and clean all surfaces with this solution. It is very effective and absolutely safe.

How to prevent the smell of paint

In order not to cope with the corrosive smell of the paint, it can be prevented. When purchasing finishing materials for repair, contact the seller with a request to select a paint with a lower odor intensity for you. Modern industry offers an assortment of high quality, bright and durable paints that practically do not smell when they are painted. By the way, they are not very different in price compared to simple paints – it is not that expensive. In addition, they are dried much faster.



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