How To Put Together The Perfect Birthday Gift Basket

How To Put Together The Perfect Birthday Gift Basket
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Gift baskets are a perfect gift to give for any occasion, including birthdays. They can be made for people of all ages, from tiny babies to seniors and everyone in between. The one nice thing about gift baskets is that you can customize them, allowing you to create the basket specifically for the person receiving it. In addition, the receiver of the gift can repurpose the basket and use it for many years to come. It does, however, take a little work to put the basket together and determine what to put inside. Below are some great tips to help you create the perfect birthday gift basket.

 Pick a Theme

The best place to start is to pick a theme for your basket. Take into consideration the age of the recipient and what type of things that person enjoys. Perhaps the person is a coffee-lover or tea lover, or enjoys having a nice glass of wine. All of these things can be used to make great gift basket themes. If you are unsure what the person likes, you can always go with a gourmet chocolate theme. After all, who does not like chocolate?

If you are making a birthday basket for a child, you need to consider the gender of the child when choosing a theme. For example, a little boy may enjoy a cars basket, whereas a little girl would probably prefer a princess basket. You could also choose a gender-neutral theme like a candy basket or sports basket.

 Choose the Right Basket

Once you have your theme picked out, you need to select a basket to use to hold all the goodies. While it is technically called a gift “basket,” the container does not necessarily need to be a basket; you can also use things like bins, chests, trays, pails and even picnic baskets. The baskets do not have to be just wicker, you can also use wood, fabric, metal, or leather baskets as well. Almost anything goes when it comes to what type of containers you can use. Keep in mind that when choosing the right basket, you want to select something that the recipient will be able to use long after all the goodies are gone.

 Pick the Contents

Next, it is time to decide what goes into the basket. You will need to refer back to your theme again and try to select items that match this theme. For example, if you decided to make a coffee-lovers themed basket, you will want to include several varieties of coffee, some creamer and perhaps a fancy coffee cup or mug. You can also add some nice accessories, such as candy, chocolates, nuts, and cookies. There really is not a right or wrong thing to include in a basket, so your options are limitless.

 Wrap It Up

Once you have gathered all the little gifts you want to include in your basket, you can start to place them all in the basket. Try to arrange the items so that everything can be seen just by looking at the basket. This will allow the recipient to instantly see everything that is including in the basket. After everything is in place, you can now wrap the basket with plastic cellophane. There is a wide variety of colors of cellophane wrap, so be creative. Top the gift off with a beautiful ribbon or bow at the top to close the wrap.

A custom gift basket makes the perfect gift for everyone on your list. If you do not want to, or do not have time make you own basket, you can find the perfect gift at an online gift basket store. You can either select the specific items you want in the basket to create a customized gift, or purchase a premade basket that includes everything you want. No matter if you make the basket yourself or purchase one online, it is sure to be a hit for anyone’s birthday.