April 23, 2014

I’m beginning to believe this Obama fellow is unequal to the task [oil spill]

Warning: This is by IowaHawk, producer of possibly the best satire since Swift penned A Modest Proposal. (Can be found via search engine.) Remove all liquids within reach before clicking here.


I was tempted to occupy the student union building once but the Pikes and Dekes gave better parties than the SDS and you never had to sit through boring and incomprehensible speeches. My ambitions never stretched to occupying other countries. My favorite hobby is swapping symptoms of ailments with other upstanding senior Tea Party thugs, feeding pigeons and stray cats, giving unsolicited advice, and saying things that begin with, ''In MY day. . .'' . My major goal is to haul off and swing a heavy grocery bag upside the grille of any car driven by an impatient young driver (who's honking at me to hurry up) and set off the air bag. Soon as my rotator cuff improves, I'll be ready.

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  1. MissLiberty says:

    Iowahawk should come with a Depends warning.

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