8 key points for a perfect wedding album

8 key points for a perfect wedding album
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In the wedding album, the clear images of your wedding will be kept forever. So let’s see the basic steps to achieve the perfect wedding album of big day shots!

As a concrete support to your mind to keep the wonderful memories of the wedding, there will be the album that will collect the photographs taken during the most beautiful day of your life, when you will exchange the phrases for a wedding promise and celebrate with friends and relatives.

We know that you are taken by an innumerable amount of commitments to organize your wedding, between sending wedding announcements and choosing the perfect menu, but if you find five minutes to read the following, you will be sure that you will be able to give life to memories with perfect wedding album.

1. Choose the photographer carefully

The first very important step to take is the choice of the professional to whom you will entrust this fundamental task. In fact, each photographer has own style in both taking and editing photographs, as well as own peculiar sensitivity that certainly influences the way of capturing the images to be captured. Draw up a list of those you want to contact, make appointments and get to know them, without forgetting to ask them to show you previous jobs. Of course, the cost will also determine the choice: so don’t forget to get a quote!

2. Identify the most suitable style

A key point of perfect wedding album is that you will have to discuss with the chosen photographer about the type of service you want. It is therefore good that you talk to photographer about the style of your wedding, the location and the degree of formality that you want to give to everything to find together the most suitable solution for you that will find concreteness in the wedding album.

There are two main choices …

  • Serving classic type in which, in most situations, is the photographer to call the click indicating who and how it should fit in the scene.
  • Reportage-type service: on the contrary, it provides for the photographer to move freely by shooting without being noticed.

3. Be spontaneous

Whatever the type of photo shoot you have chosen, while it will be created during the wedding, be spontaneous. In reality, it will not be difficult because you will be taken by many emotions and you will be concentrated on exchanging sweet love phrases. If, for example, you cross the target, do not paralyze yourself with stiff smiles but think of something else and be distracted: you will see that it will positively affect the quality of the album!

4. Don’t spend too much time

Once the big day has ended, ending with the delivery of the original wedding favors that you have chosen for your guests, do not spend too much time before proceeding with the selection of the best shots. You can entrust the task to the photographer but, in any case, it is good that you consult before printing. The advice is to agree in advance with the professional also about the times regarding the various stages of album processing.

5. Select the key moments

Once you are in the heart of the selection phase of perfect wedding album, follow the following fundamental guideline: make sure that the photos relating to the highlights of your wedding are included in the photos for the press: from the preparation phase to the cutting of the cake, going through all the main ‘appointments’ of your day.

6. Make sure everyone is present

In parallel, check that all the most important guests are present in your selection, especially close relatives, witnesses and any bridesmaids and page boys. But don’t forget also group photos or overall shots that in a few years will remind you of all the people who participated with enthusiasm in your union.

7. Choose the most natural shots

Even if you strive to be spontaneous in the shooting phase, know that there will certainly be photographs that will portray you with that unnatural expression that you hate so much. No problem, the photographer knows how to do the job: at the same time photographer will make many versions, opt for the ones in which you appear most comfortable!

8. Consider the game of proportions

Finally, don’t forget to always prefer uniformity and proportion: the number of photographs for each scene immortalized must be balanced: can you imagine an album made up of ten shots of the exchange of promises and only one of the cutting of the cake? Of course, there are more salient moments than others and, to enhance them, you can play on the dimensions giving them more space!

If you follow these tips, you will create the perfect wedding album that, even after years, will be able to arouse deep emotions in you, even just in remembering which wedding place cards you had chosen for the big day!