How to add spice to a long-term relationship

How to add spice to a long-term relationship
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We all know that a new relationship is fuelled by lust, but what happens when that early passion starts to fade and sex starts to feel a little ordinary? Try these tips to bring excitement and passion back into a flagging relationship.

In the beginning

When you first meet a new partner it seems as though the passion. And the excitement will never end, but all too soon that initial magic starts to fade. There are a number of reasons for this including:
– Stress at work
– Family problems
– Children or family members taking uptime
– Boredom and familiarity

For some couples, the falling levels of intimacy can spell the end of an otherwise satisfactory relationship. Some couples simply choose to carry on in an almost sexless relationship. This is the time to bring on some adult sex toys to improve their satisfaction and restore excitement.

Go online!long-term relationship

The beauty of the internet is that you can browse through a huge selection of adult material without worrying about the neighbors seeing you or feeling embarrassed at the merchandise on offer. Online sites selling exciting adult sex toys and passion-enhancing merchandise cater to everyone from the inexperienced newbie through to the hard-core bondage enthusiast, so there really is something for absolutely everyone.

If you’ve never purchased anything from a sex shop before, ease yourself into the experience gently by choosing a sensual starter kit usually these include a scented candle, rose petals for sprinkling on your bed or in your bath and a range of scented massage oils to get you both in the mood for seduction.

Braver or more experienced souls may like to try a little light bondage with the addition of some fluffy handcuffs, bondage tape, and a selection of feathers and/or whips, according to your mood. If bondage really isn’t your thing, what about a little role play? There are options for men and women to dress up and display their wares to their best advantage, or perhaps engage in a little role play with the help of some doctor and nurse uniforms.

Board games with a twist can help to put the passion back on the agenda, with a range of fun and exciting games that you definitely won’t find down at your local bookstore or toyshop! Remember that laughter can be a great aphrodisiac so enjoy some real fun with your partner.

Don’t underestimate the power of trying out something new to help to relight your passion. As the popular saying goes ‘if you always do what you’ve always done. Then you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. Explore the world of adult sex toys and get something altogether new. And more exciting to spice up your life and bring the passion back into your life.



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