Pamu Slide review

Pamu Slide review
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Pamu headphones feature a compact case, excellent battery life and sound, Qualcomm aptX and touch-accessible functions. After some time testing various headphones from different brands in my quest to find the best wireless headphones, I paused. I did this mainly because I was satisfied with a Blitzwolf model that delivered a good sound, free from unwanted noise and good battery life. I’m talking about the Pamu Slide review.

Pamu Slide review

Every day, I use these headphones until it reached my hands, or rather, my ears, the second generation of wireless in-ear headphones, the PaMu Slide.

Initially, I did not believe in the product much. I confess with tranquility, mainly due to the problems that many users had with what we can define as the first generation of the brand’s headphones, the PaMu Slide has a review of it here.

The first generation brought a large case that gave access to the headphones when the cover was slid. Hence its name.

Despite carrying the same name, the PaMu Slide Mini has a smaller case and its cover does not slide. Both the charging case and the headphones are simple and well built.

The version I received is white, the case is shiny and its color is pearly, very beautiful. In reality, it is important to make a point very clear, the PaMu Slide and the PaMu Slide Mini, are different only by the case.

Battery lifePamu Slide review

The PaMu Slide Mini delivers less charging capacity, altogether you can charge the headphones up to 3 times, while the previous, much larger, charges the headphones at least 6 times.

The headphones come housed in a small charging case. As said, this is the difference between the generations of the PaMu Slide, the new, smaller case, charges the headphones less often, but resolves what was once a negative point, now easy to carry the case inside the pants pocket for example, before that was impossible with the huge charging case.

The LEDs indicate the remaining load capacity.  There are 400mAh of the case plus 85mAh of each of the headphones.

The LEDs indicate the remaining load capacity. There are 400mAh of the case plus 85mAh of each of the headphones.

When placing the headphones in the case, the LED on the headset lights up red, indicating charging. There are 4 LEDs on the front of the case that show how much load capacity the case still has, so each LED represents 25% of the load. On the opposite side of the charging case is the USB -C input for charging.

In addition, the case supports wireless charging by induction, so if you have a wireless charger or a smartphone with this type of feature, you can charge the case of the PaMu Slide Mini that way, also wirelessly.

The headphones themselves remain the same size and have the same capacity, 85mAh, and all the functions that are accessed through the touch of your fingers, there are no buttons, and the upper part of the headphones are sensitive to touch.

PairingPamu Slide review

When removing the headphones from the case, they automatically search for pairing and I had no problems here and I have already done the procedure with three different smartphones, without mentioning models, the headphones worked without problems with smartphones from Samsung, Sony and Motorola.

Therefore, the problem of the first generation PaMu Slide has not been repeated here. This in itself is already a positive point, given the history of problems with several units of the first PaMu Slide.

What’s in the box?

Box contents – When I received it I thought there were 3 headphones inside due to the size and weight, but it was just one.

  • 2 x Bluetooth headphones with 85mAh.
  • 1 x 400mAh dual-function charger case.
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A charging cable.
  • 12 x ear rubbers – 6 pairs in different sizes.
  • 1 x carrying case.
  • 1 x user manual.

PaMu Slide Mini headphones are super light. You can spend hours listening to music and make phone calls with peace of mind. They also work with the most common voice assistants, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant work smoothly.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The headphones fit well and are very comfortable to use. I didn’t change the erasers. The pattern already fit me well; it’s worth opening a parenthesis here.

Although using the headphones, I had the impression that they could fall at any time, remain firm and do not fall out of the ears. Of course, you must use the rubber that best suits your ears. And that is a positive point. There are altogether 6 pairs of different sizes. So believe me, one of them will do for you.

I’m not going to talk about music genre here, I’m an eclectic person, I listen to the blues, but I also listen to funk. Generally, when I’m testing headphones, I use what they currently call 8D sounds, with this type of sound you can get a real sense of what quality the headphones deliver, because in addition to using various instruments the feeling of 3D depth delivered by this type of sound lets you really know what the phone really offers in terms of sound quality.

If you choose to take the test as I did, get ready to take a medicine for headaches because even if I bang my hair, the headphones have not fallen off.

If you choose to take the test as I did, get ready to take a medicine for headaches because even “flapping hair” that I don’t have the headphones have not fallen off.

I confess that I was used to using Blitzwolf’s BW-FYE7 and, although the PaMu Slide Mini delivers a lower maximum volume, it is better balanced, the bass is full-bodied and the highs are not even loud.

The impression it gave me was that perhaps the headphones have a kind of volume limiter that protects your eardrums and ensures that there is no real discernible distortion in any frequency range.

An important point is also the quality of the headphones about quality during voice calls, in my tests, I had no problem, the interlocutor heard me well and I also heard him without problems or delays.

Low latency – Qualcomm aptX

Speaking of delays, the PaMu Slide Mini, which has Qualcomm aptX technology promises very low latency, so I rushed to my dear PUBG Mobile, after trying in a frustrating way to use several other wireless headphones, the so-called true wireless like these, I was surprised with the phone that really delivers.

There is a delay, but it is minimal. Unfortunately, not everything is flowers, perhaps due to the lack of optimization in another game, CoD Mobile, I was unable to use them, the delay is terrible. As in PUBG Mobile, this did not happen, you cannot blame the headphones, but the optimization of the game in question. It was the first time that I managed to play PUBG Mobile with a wireless headset.


  • AptX support.
  • IP X6 protection.
  • USB-C and wireless charging.
  • Compact charging case.
  • Very good sound quality on different audio frequencies.
  • Ease of access to functions through touch.
  • Battery life and fast charging.


  • Despite the name “Mini” the headphones are great.
  • Noise cancellation during calls could be better.

Final considerations

PaMu Slide Mini headphones are good for everyday use and have great sound quality. They are well designed, although I found them quite large, which is a matter of taste.

They are light and easy to use and it is good that understood that a huge case was a little out of the notebook segment and brought a version whose case is smaller, is lost in the battery, but gains in portability.

Regarding the price and availability, it is worth considering that yes, they are worth 56 dollars, the current quote of the American currency is not favorable for the purchase and, still, it is imported, so there is still freight to Basil. Another detail is taxation. Although this type of product is hardly taxed, it can happen to suffer some taxation.



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