Plex alternative: Choose the best one that suits your demands

Plex alternative: Choose the best one that suits your demands
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Plex is one of the most recognized applications that allows the management of multimedia centers, where users can enjoy easy views about movies, videos, images, audios, and more. However, other platforms offer the same service and must be considered as they can be very useful. This article will provide information on various alternatives to Plex that users may need.

What is the Plex alternative?

There are many alternatives that offer services on the management of multimedia file viewing, it is of great importance to consider each one, and among them, we can highlight:

MediaPortalPlex alternative

It is one of the most recognized alternatives today. It offers a television card support operation and its visualization through a multimedia center. It is free and offers radio access as well as online viewing of various content. As news, weather information, you can also see the files that are in your browser.

The user will be able to organize the content as they want to view it. For example, in the case of music files, they can organize them by genre, album, artist, and videos and movies. MediaPortal is an open-source application that greatly benefits from the extensive collaboration between the development team and the community, allowing the service to remain efficient and of high quality.

It should be considered that this alternative to Plex is only available for Windows operating system. Therefore, there is a limit of access for users in this regard, and it does not offer applications for mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets or smart televisions. Still, it does. Some extensions allow access to the MediaPortal library through these devices.

MediaPortal offers simple and simple navigation, highlighting that it also presents brief indications that can be used to develop with greater security. As in other alternatives, the initial screen includes the basic buttons that users require to be able to use it effectively, such as to turn off, suspend and restore the application. In addition to another function that allows you to toggle between the display mode normal and dedicated exclusively to multimedia files.

StremioPlex alternative

It is one of the most recommended platforms to enjoy various online content. It is focused on being an organization that offers all kinds of video content, such as series, movies, and more. It is presented in a very simple way where Users will have no complications when using it. They will enjoy the content completely free and without any limitation.

On this platform, users can organize and view their personalized collection of movies, series, channels, and live TV. They also collect the content they display from their computer and a system of accessories. It should be noted that Stremio is widely recognized for the facilities it offers users. It also presents the function of receiving notifications when new episodes of content such as videos or movies come out that may be of interest to the user and provide recommendations that may be very useful for those who require it. Through Stremio the user will be able to access content offered by large platforms such as Netflix, FilmonTV, Twitch TV, and more.

Other facilities it offers is its access. It works both on computers with Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as for iPhone, Android, mobile devices, on a tablet or iPad. It should be noted that it allows synchronization on all the devices that the user wants regardless of the difference in operating systems that they present.

KodiPlex alternative

Of the best alternatives to Plex that offers the display of all types of content for which users can present interest, its presentation is very simple and clean, very easy to use since it is in a very organized way. Therefore users do not have complications when using it, browsing and finding the content they require.

Because it is under free code, users will have ease of access using it from computers or mobile devices with various operating systems such as Widnows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, which are most widely used today. It is characterized by allowing maximum customization to users. They will have access to tools that apply different themes, and they will be able to add different functionalities that allow them to use it with greater satisfaction and ease, all according to the user’s taste.

A standout feature of Kodi is its compatibility with remote controls or remote control. This will allow greater ease of use, there are also remote controls that come from the beginning with a Kodi button, which is designed exclusively for the platform. Kodi’s main functions is the ability to download movie descriptions, subtitles, covers, actor’s sheet, and other content associated with the videos or music that is used, in a way that allows users to create an authentic multimedia library.

From this platform user will not have limits, they will be able to enjoy music that allows different formats, as well as access to playlists and more, the same for movies or series. You can access the cloud as Dropbox is. From it, you can use the stored; It allows you to use games, radio, services such as weather forecasting, and many more functions that make it high-quality alternative users should always take into consideration.

EmbyPlex alternative

Currently, one of the most recognized alternatives to Plex is not as popular as other more prominent alternatives. This does not mean that it does not present high-quality service, day by day it is gaining recognition and popularity due to the service it offers, the functions and features that users can enjoy most. In it, users can access content such as movies, series, videos, music, photos, documentaries, news and more.

As we can see, it is not a platform that is limited, it offers each of the functions that users may require, we can highlight many functions that it presents, and it allows you to synchronize your service with other devices so that you can send any type of content to them. And be able to visualize it comfortably; from Emby, users will be able to access live video channels. This alternative is compatible with Chromecast, which would make things much easier for users.

This multimedia platform is completely free, which is why it has attracted many users because, despite being free, it does not have major limitations. Therefore, they will be able to enjoy countless high-quality functions, and it is also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other different platforms. To configure this multimedia center, it is carried out without problems by the selected system through a web interface that presents certain complex options. Just as you can use it from computers, it also offers applications for mobile devices featuring iOS, Windows, Android operating systems, and advanced televisions and consoles such as PlayStation, XboxOne, and Samsung Devices, LG and more.

Universal Media ServerPlex alternative

Windows, Mac, Linux, which allows to convert each user’s computers into a multimedia center, offers great ease of use as it is compatible with most devices. Therefore, users will not be limited in accessing this platform.

First of all, when installing this alternative to Plax, users must configure it to be able to use it. From there, it will be possible to start using it so that it begins to have access to content such as movies, series, and so on. as well as sports events, news and more.

What most characterizes this alternative is its purpose of use at home. That way, users can achieve to share multimedia content from their computer to different devices such as cell phones, game consoles, multimedia centers, highlighting that it presents PS3 multimedia services. It has many plugins available for the software, which will allow you to improve your productivity. Each of these options that it offers allows users to use it with satisfaction and without worrying about problems or complications during their navigation. In addition to the facilities it presents, thanks to the general functions it presents, it is a highly recommended alternative.

Currently, this platform offers constant updates, so that better and new functions or content can always be highlighted, which will allow it to expand its diversity. Although it is not one of the greatest alternatives, the solid and complete service it offers can be highlighted, completely recommending it to users.


It is an application that is available for iOS, although it is only limited for this operating system, it is necessary to know how it works. For use on computers, it is available for Windows and Mac, this alternative to Plex offers the opportunity for users to create their personalized cloud, so that each person has easy access to their content, such as documents, videos, music and photos. Not only that, but they can be synchronized with other devices available, providing greater ease of use.

By allowing different content to be stored, users will have the freedom to save without worrying about storage limitations. It should be noted that this application offers paid plans, which do not present high prices. These plans stand out because they offer users extra functionalities and the use of different advanced tools that are very useful to enjoy even more. These tools or functions are not considered in the free version, so it is a very good option that users can consider.

Users will be able to have full control of their cloud, the advantages of having a personal multimedia cloud are that the user will be able to decide which files to have saved and which not. They are accessible from two or more devices at the same time without having to copy them and compatible with any platform and device. Another advantage that it presents is that it is unnecessary to be connected to the internet to be able to enjoy this service. However, for other devices to have access to the function of sharing content. It is required to be connected to the wifi network in that the main user is connected. In this way, all the content can also reach them.

Open Source Media Center

It is one of the most recent alternatives. Despite this it presents a service that is considered complete, consists of various features, which allows users the best, simple way to play multimedia content. These contents can be stored on their device’s own as well as through the internet.

Outstanding features it presents supports a wide variety of wifi adapters and TV tuners. In addition, it presents a desktop environment and a version with a web interface, as mentioned above, whose development is found daily. Therefore, this platform presents continuous updates where they present improvements in their service, trying to be even more complete. However, for now, it can only be installed to a limited extent on media players.

From this platform, users will be able to view content such as images, videos, music, offering indefinite options that are of a high level and attractive to the user. Among these options, the possibility of having a portal for multimedia files accessible through from a single site, to the ability to watch television over the internet; customize the experience with icon packs and custom sounds; access file playback on network storage, add functionality with plugins, among many other things.

It is necessary to know the advantages that can be obtained as OSMC is used, it uses the full potential of the device. Because it acts as the only operating system, all the used processes will be direct for multimedia playback. It allows a lower consumption of electricity since users can use it practically from their devices, and navigate from it.

Elmedia player

It is available for Windows and Mac. It has all the basic functions that this type of service offers, such as playlists, compatibility with most video and audio formats, and support for subtitles, among other important features. Among the most important functions that we can highlight are an equalizer, color adjustment, brightness and contrast, image noise reduction, player adaptability to the content being viewed, and concerning subtitles. It allows searching for them using OpenSubtitles.

It should be noted that this platform allows the reproduction of different servers such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and others. They will be able to view more content and detect images, videos, and audios. With them, the download option will be provided in case the user wants, which can be a more practical option offering ease.

From Elmedia, users can send content such as videos, audios, from different devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets to their televisions. This function can be performed from the connection to a wi-fi network that the user can enjoy the content more comfortably.

Elmedia Player also offers the possibility of sending the content that you want to play to a Chromecast or Apple TV device. It can be found in HD or 4K qualities, without cables and maintaining such the reproduction quality. This function can be done in a simpler way since it supports any type of format and allows you to continue using subtitles. Very productive for many since currently using devices like Chromecast is highly regarded. A characteristic that should be highlighted is that when making use of it for content that is found online, the user will not have to worry about annoying advertisements. Elmedia Player does not have ads since they are automatically disabled.


This application is presented similarly as Kodi. Users will be able to easily and comfortably use it from their computer, being available for operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac. However, it should be noted that this application does not It is available for Android, which is considered a disadvantage.

It is worth noting the functions that it offers; Connects to stereo PCs, TVs, remote control devices, scanners, digital cameras, and portable MP3 players. Play all media, organize all music, images and video, encode and play various formats.

Explaining in detail what JRIver offers: It supports more than 80 types of formats, this quality is very positive since users will not have limits for the use of any content. From it, you can make DVD, CD recordings; it has support for MP3 devices. Among many more functions. As you can see, JRiver has services from all aspects, so it is one of the most used alternatives to Plex, however, although it is not so well recognized, it is in improvements, presenting updates constantly. This allows users to see this alternative positively since they will have better functions and tools in the future, highlighting its easy use and presentation. They will be able to continue using it with total confidence.

Final thoughts,

These are some of the Plex alternative. It is of great importance to know about this type of information since it is not always known that other applications can offer the same service in addition to presenting improvements or more functions than is normally used. It is necessary to take into account that each alternative can present both advantages and disadvantages. This must be considered before making use of it and thus be able to find the most convenient application or platform that manages to satisfy each of the objectives that a user presents. Therefore, each of these alternatives must be considered, know them in detail and find the most suitable one.



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