Rediscovering Irish dance during the lockdown

Rediscovering Irish dance during the lockdown
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If you are an Irish person and you grew up in Ireland or just grew up in a family that values and upholds Irish traditions, you’ve probably come into contact with traditional Irish dancing. In fact, Irish dancing is a popular extracurricular activity for many Irish children. Teaching kids how the ways of the Irish dance is a beautiful way to keep the tradition alive. While the majority of them will not pursue Irish dancing in order to become professional dancers, learning how to dance is still a very valuable skill from a cultural standpoint. Not to mention that it’s also an activity that is very beneficial to one’s health. The pandemic has confined most of us indoors and this sedentary lifestyle can affect us not only physically, but also psychologically. Many people decided to take up new activities or rediscover activities that they previously enjoyed but didn’t have enough time to dedicate to them.

Getting started

Some Irish people have decided to make the best of their quarantine time and rediscover Irish dancing. After all, Irish dancing is not only a beautiful cultural tradition that helps them reconnect with their roots but also an incredibly efficient workout. This may sound appealing to you, but you might be wondering how to get started, especially if many years have passed since you last danced. The most important thing is to find the right pair of shoes. You need a pair of dance shoes for beginners or intermediate dancers. You can click here for Irish dance shoes that are suitable for your level of experience with Irish dancing.

Finding the right resources

You don’t have to worry about not being able to attend dancing classes because of the lockdown. There are several online resources and DVDs that will help you in your journey of rediscovering the art of Irish dance. You just have to look through the available resources and find the one that suits you best. Learning to dance from tutorials takes more time, effort, and patience because there’s no one right next to you to guide your steps. If you’re staying at home all day, however, you most likely have a little extra time to spare for learning. Besides, if you’ve had some experience with Irish dancing as a child or teenager, it should be easier for you.

Benefits of Irish dancing

Why should you do it? There are plenty of health benefits. It’s a wonderful workout that improves coordination, improves your posture, and increases balance. It trains your muscles, especially the muscles on the lower part of the body. Even your bones become stronger. The more you practice, the more flexibility, strength, and endurance your body gains. It is a wonderful way to keep yourself physically active and stay in shape. Besides, it is beneficial for your mental well being as well. It greatly relieves stress, it takes your mind off things and gives you something to look forward to. Besides, it is also about the sheer pleasure of rediscovering something from your childhood and adolescence. It is something that will transport you back to those happy, cheerful times and will help you reconnect with your heritage!



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