Common Signs That It’s Time to Replace the Windows in Your Home

Common Signs That It’s Time to Replace the Windows in Your Home
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Are your windows old and creaky? Do you forget the last time you had them replaced, if ever? For many homeowners, this situation is all too common and refutes one of the primary goals of homeownership: cost-effectiveness. More than ever, homeowners are striving for efficiency, financial independence, and a cleaner environment by cutting their energy costs. Obviously, windows play into this situation magnanimously, which makes knowing how to spot whether or not they need to be replaced a skill that could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. With that, here are a few common signs that it’s time to replace the windows in your home.

1. Can You Feel Air Around the Window?Replace the Windows

If the temperature inside your home fluctuates in accordance with that of the outside, or if you can feel the air as you pass by the windows, it is time to replace your windows. Air gets in for a wide variety of reasons, including broken seals and botched installations, but a professional in your area should be able to take care of the problem fairly quickly.

2. Are Your Windows Difficult to Open?Replace the Windows

If your windows are unable to open, it may not be because they are dirty or jammed. In fact, this could be a sign that they need to be replaced. If your windows will not open, check for signs of moisture build-up. When moisture builds and sits in windows it causes them to swell to a disproportionate size, hence why they will not open. Additionally, if your windows swell to too large a size, they may become useless for keeping the air in. And speaking of moisture…

3. Moisture In-Between Window PanesReplace the Windows

If your windows were not installed correctly, your seals could be defective, which will result in moisture accumulating between your window panes. Most installations should last a few decades at least, so if you are noticing moisture between your panes, contact a professional immediately as this is a sign your windows need to be replaced.

4. Water In or Around the Window

Additionally, contact a professional if you notice water around your windows. This could be a sign of a poor installation that could potentially lead to a larger problem. The size of your window may be disproportionate, resulting in outside elements pouring into your home.
With the assistance of a seasoned professional like window replacement becomes easier than ever. Andersen Windows will help put the control back into your hands through a selection of brand new windows that suit your aesthetic taste and keep your home safe and warm. You will be increasing your security and reducing your energy dependence (which means much lower monthly utility bills) in a single blow.



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