April 25, 2014

Shut Up and WIN!

My fellow Republicans, shut up and win. That’s right shut up, and win! You are fighting for all the right reasons, but losing sight of the big prize: 2014 US Senate and US House races. We are fighting among ourselves over every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Someone said to me tonight, “we are in a circular firing squad pointing guns at each other” and that is a lose-lose situation.

Some of us are 24/7 on issues that will not amount to a hill of beans if we lose in 2014. If you lose, no one cares about your issues, no one supports your bills, no one supports your reforms, no one supports your beliefs, and no one supports the American Dream. We lose. We all lose.

Fifty-one Democrats in the US Senate and the majority of Democrats in the US House voted for Obamacare. They voted for a LIE, they voted for a falsehood, they voted for something that they didn’t know anything about until they passed it. And now we all know. That is what needs to be hung around every Democrat’s neck. [Ed. Note: Be reminded that NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted for Obamacare!]

It is time to fight progressives (most Democrats), and any other manner of “feces”; we are the party of Reagan; we are the Great Opportunity Party; we are the party of freemen and the party of the American Dream.

Please remember, in 10 months we vote. Someone wrote dump the Republican Party, vote for a third Party. Ok, please tell me who’s won lately as a third party, and can we wait? Ten months is when we vote, we must change the US Senate and we must improve our margins in the US House.

We must win, we must win, or fall victim to our own circular firing squad and die a fool’s death. Shut up, and WIN!


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