Small Bedroom: How to furnish it to make it beautiful and spacious?

Small Bedroom: How to furnish it to make it beautiful and spacious?
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Even a small bedroom can be beautiful to look at with a few small tricks and the right furniture, and above all give the impression of owning a few more square meters. Let’s see the helpful advice furnish your small bedroom.

1) Uniformity without monotony

An always valid way to make perceive a wider environment is to create uniformity. With uniformity or continuity, I am not referring only to the colors of the walls, but to the chromatic scale of the whole room, with an eye also to the furnishings. The soft hues are well suited to rest, but to avoid flattening the surfaces we can combine colors that rise or fall in tone. Neutral shades are the most suitable for our purpose, because they create spatial continuity and deceive the perception of the real boundaries of space. The small bedroom will no longer be a small and rigid box, but will become a fluid and welcoming environment.

A useful suggestion is to put a generously sized print or picture on the headboard. As in both images, the insertion of art, both in agreement and in contrast with the chromatic scale adopted in the environment, creates a focal point that pushes our gaze beyond, adding a touch of charm to the room

2) Exploiting artificial light

Light always represents a valid ally if we want to perceive a space bigger than it really is. We therefore try to make good use of it also in the small bedroom. In this environment, we don’t need a lot of light, however over-illuminating a wall will visually expand the surface of the room. A good suggestion is the photo above, in which a ceiling blade floods the wall behind the bed with light. In this case, the grazing light is also ideal for enhancing the irregular texture of the brick wall.

3) Natural light and matching curtains

We talked about the importance of artificial light but we must not underestimate the help that comes from natural light. If we are lucky enough to have a well-oriented small bedroom with a large window opening, it will be sufficient to let in as much light as possible.

This is enough to transform our small environment into a comfortable and welcoming room. It is also important to choose the tent, which must be light, never too darkening and, above all, matching the wall to accentuate the continuity of the surfaces.

4) Order and areas with different functions

When you have an apartment with a reduced surface, every centimeter must be designed to perform a specific function. This is even more true for a small bedroom where the feeling of disorder and confusion must be avoided at all costs. An orderly environment, in fact, will appear more comfortable and larger.

My advice is to identify small surfaces that will house the containers, a section of wall in which to place light shelves for books or photographs and a corner for a small armchair or bench. The important thing is that every single space is carefully thought out, is well organized and that between one area and another there are empty surfaces where you can rest your eyes.

5) Guide the gaze upwards

The same principle of the previous photo can be applied in different ways. Inducing the gaze to “get distracted” from the bed area to focus on a different focal point allows you to perceive a small room in itself. In the image above, for example, the use of the color of the front wall has the dual purpose of personalizing the otherwise flat environment and of shifting the attention upwards. In this way, the height of the chamber, which has narrow dimensions, is enhanced. But the photo also suggests another trick: look at the bedside tables. Using minimal furnishings for size and lines lightens the environment and makes it appear wider.

6) Separating with glass

When you have a very small apartment, the tendency is to create unique, communicating and fluid spaces. To achieve this, partitions are dispensed with. However, environments such as the small bedroom also require intimacy. The problem is solved in a winning way by creating glass windows that project the room directly onto the living room. In this way, the bedroom will appear larger and airier and will produce the same effect on the neighboring environment. Then simply insert a blackout curtain to restore the privacy that belongs to the bedroom.

7) Expanding with mirrors

The virtues of the mirror have been known since the eighteenth century, when the most prominent families competed to have boudoirs or even halls with mirrored walls. Over time, the mirror has kept intact the charm due to the ability to reflect its surroundings. This prerogative makes it incredibly useful when you want to deceive the eye and make a small bedroom appear bigger in our case.

In fact, a large mirror reflects the light and the walls in front of it and creates the pleasant illusion of more generous surfaces. In the example in the photo, we have chosen to cover the entire wall, with the result of doubling the perceived space and seeing the sea, beyond the balcony, while lying comfortably in bed.

8) Insert an oversize element

At the end of the tips to make a small bedroom seem wider, we are now dealing with “smart” furnishings. We have already said about the opportunity to opt for minimal and minimal furnishings and the positive artistic produced by a painting or a photo. But the perception of a wider environment is also obtained by furnishing with an accent element. If we insert an important piece of furniture in the bedroom, even better if it is light as the oversized chandelier in the photo, we will create a focal point that will attract the eye beyond the bed area and give importance and a touch of drama to the whole environment.



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