How to start decorating with books? Follow these steps to decorate the house with books

How to start decorating with books? Follow these steps to decorate the house with books
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Do you want to give your house a literary touch? If you are passionate about books, you cannot miss the opportunity to accommodate some corner of your home with books giving a totally different use than they really have: use it as a decorative element. So, basic advice before getting down to business with the decoration ideas that we are going to give you next is that the books you choose do not want to read them either because you do not like them or repeated them. Think that, on many occasions, these books will stick together and will no longer be valid for reading, so do not take your favorite! Keep reading this article. We tell you how to decorate with books. You will love it!

Steps for decorating with books

Where the books are usually kept? On the shelves of bookstores, so why not turn this concept around? The first idea to decorate with books that we are going to give you is that you take about 5 books, one between them with glue or screws, and stick them to the wall to create original unique bookshelves and perfect for any corner of your home. It looks great!

Create a rackstart decorating with books

Now we will give you an original idea so that you can create your own coat rack. You will have to choose a book that is not especially to your liking because we are going to drill it. The idea is that you make holes in the book’s body of the exact size of the chest that you want to hang. Simply, you will have to nail it to the wall as you usually do but placing the book open in the middle.

As you see, the result is beautiful but careful and does not hang very heavy clothes because they could break. Otherwise, choose to hang your necklaces or ties.

Old booksstart decorating with books

Another way to take advantage of old books or books that you no longer like is to create an original lamp like the one you see below. The first thing you will have to do is choose the books in question and place them unevenly to get the counterweight.

Then you will have to glue them together with glue or extra strong glue to get them to be stable and fixed; then, you will have to drill the center to pass the light bulb cable, and then place the shade you want for your lamp.

If you do not want to pierce the books, another option is to pass the cable behind them and stick them with adhesive tape so that the cable does not show too much.


In order to decorate your house with books, you don’t need to give them a specific use, you can also place them in a specific area and stand out for themselves, giving them a different look to the room more literary. For example, you can put the books on the floor next to a bare wall and you will be able to give the room a different and very elegant touch.

You can do this in any space or corner without making your house seem cluttered; for example, it will also fit perfectly in the hallway.

Display them by orderstart decorating with books

Another good idea to give a decorative look to books is to choose to display them on the wall as if they were a painting. You will have to choose your favorite books and buy some crystals or picture frames that will serve to frame the chosen works. Then, you will have to hang it on the wall and you will display them for what they are: works of art worth knowing. In addition, the good thing about this idea is that you will not spoil the books but, whenever you want, you can take them and enjoy them again.

The following idea is perfect for houses decorated in a rustic style or for reading corners. It is about creating a small coffee table where you can fit a cup and a book that will be perfect to enjoy intense afternoons of reading. The first thing you have to do is select the books you prefer and stick them between them unevenly, that is, one focused on the right and the other to the left, so the weight will be distributed much better.

Use table or glass top

When you have them fixed with extra strong glue, the next thing is to place a small rounded glass on top that will be the base of the table. Think that you can leave it loose or, if you prefer, fix it to make it more stable.

Although if the books you have are wide enough, you will not need to place a glass or a base on the top of the table; you just need to place the books on top of each other so that the base is fixed and then use the top as a traditional table.

You can place a decorative element (as you see in the image) or give it the use that you prefer; Of course, do not forget to fix the books well between them to try to prevent them from falling and, therefore, you can break what you have placed on top.

To finish,

One last idea to decorate with aesthetically great books is to create a headboard with them. You will have to choose the books you want, open them in the middle (more or less), and glue the pages so that they do not move and remain fixed. Then, you will have to place the books in different rows and at the height that you prefer, stick them to the wall so that they do not fall, and that’s it!



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