Throw the Best Party of the Festive Season

Throw the Best Party of the Festive Season
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Party season is around the corner and it’s time to start planning your next big do. If you’re hoping to impress there are lots of ways you can do so. However, you may be concerned about the stress that normally goes hand in hand with hosting a party, but don’t fear.

Here are some ideas for stress free perfect party planning to see out 2020 in style.

Remember Why You’re Throwing a Party

Before you begin planning it’s important to remember why you want to hold an event in the first place. Most people want to gather all their favourite people to spend time together and catch up. Others need to organise a do for work purposes, to network and connect outside of the corporate world. Whatever reason you have put it in the front of your mind and use it to drive you when your energy begins to lag.

Get the Decorations Sorted Early

Running around hours before your guest arrives putting up decorations isn’t a good idea. Putting up the decorations is one job you can do in advance, unlike food it won’t spoil and it won’t cost you money if you get them sorted out early. You don’t need to go all out with the decorations either. Add some greenery, candles and fairy lights. Minimalism is your friend when it comes to decorating a space.

Decorate the home and concentrate on making sure all the areas where you expect people to gather are dressed up to suit the occasion. You can do this a week before the party and no one will know. If you put up the decorations any earlier spend half an hour the day before the party to smarten them up once more.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Getting the right lighting is the perfect way to get the guests into the party spirit. Have the main lights on a dimmer if you can, if not turn them off entirely and bring down all your lamps (and beg and borrow more from friends and family) and create a fantastic environment. Use fairly lights for extra touches and don’t forget to light out some outside space for those who will want to gather outside.

Music is also how you can create the ambience that will put everyone in the right mood. Create some playlists on a music player such as iTunes and set up your PC, laptop and tablets in the key areas. It’s free and it will save you a lot of money paying out for a DJ or a band. You could also make some CDs to play on stereos if you don’t have enough gadgets around the home.

Serving Warm Food

When the weather goes cold your guests will want warming up. Provide them with a hot dish and a great selection of food that can be easily eaten and enjoyed even when standing up and chatting with others. If you hate cooking or want to enjoy your party and not spend the night slaving in the kitchen contact for excellent affordable assistance.



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