April 16, 2014

Veronica Rose Capobianco

Put politics and primaries aside for a minute and read about Veronica Rose.  Veronica was born on September 15, 2009.  Her adoptive parents Matt and Melanie Capobianco were specially chosen by her biological mother.  They were even present for her birth and Matt cut the umbilical cord as an official welcome for his new daughter.  With two loving parents, Veronica was sure to have a happy life growing up on James Island.

Veronica’s biological father, Dusten Brown, filed for custody when she was four months old and shortly thereafter the Cherokee Nation became involved in the case claiming that the adoption violated the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).  The 1978 law was designed to protect the best interests of Indian children and promote the stability of Indian tribes and families. Veronica, who is part Cherokee Indian through Brown, is considered under the ICWA to be an “Indian child.”

Both a family court judge and an appellate court judge sided with Brown and on New Year’s Eve, Veronica was introduced to her biological father and his parents for the first time.  After spending a little time with the Capobiancos still present, Veronica Rose was placed into a car seat in the back of a pickup with three bags of belongings and three strangers to begin the long ride back to Oklahoma.

Please read the full story here

The Capobiancos are not giving up.  If you would like to show support, there are many ways you can do so.  The Save Veronica website is here http://www.saveveronica.com/ – be sure to sign Veronica’s Petition while you are there.  You can follow Save Veronica Rose on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/SaveVeronicaRose?sk=wall  and on Twitter here https://twitter.com/#!/Save_Veronica   If you have any way to help them, contact them directly through their website or social media sites.  Share their story, pray for Veronica and her family and count your own blessings.




MissLiberty was relocated by the Witness Protection Program from the Upper Left Side of Manhattan. As a recovering Yankee, she begs your understanding and patience.

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  1. Ms. Chri says:

    What a sad tale for all involved. God bless the children of this world who stand at the mercy of the ones we call adults.

  2. Ashley says:

    I’ve been following this story and I’m glad the word is spreading because Veronica needs to come home – however I believe you made one small error; the Capobiancos live on James Island, not Johns Island, according to all other reports.

  3. Ashley says:

    Thank you for correcting the error :)

  4. MissLiberty says:

    Appreciate you pointing out – such a sad story but I’m hoping for a happy ending.

  5. Honest Person says:

    The adoptive family are victims of a crappy lawyer.

    The guy never signed away his rights. He asked for his daughter when she was 4 months old. They have been holding this up for 2 years. Now its more traumatic. Text messages that are obviously out of order and could very well be out of context (they weren’t allowed in court, I wonder why…. Hmmm ) aren’t proof of anything but perhaps a manipulative birth mother trying to not show the whole conversation.

    Btw, as a person who has Indian blood, I’m a I’ll pissed off that he even had to go that route. Aside from the fact, they care about her knowing her heritage when it’s convenient, but tried to say she was “only 1 %”. They completely manipulated the fact that the only reason he was initially denied as being Cherokee was because of a spelling error. THEY were the ones who checked on that, you telling me it was an accidental oops??

  6. RightDog says:

    Another example of how the US legal system is upside down. An adoptive couple appears to have followed all legal procedures, and end up losing the child to the absentee biological father. Pathetic.

  7. Dee says:

    Dusten Brown, the “SPERM DONOR” should be absolutely ashamed of himself. He wanted nothing to do with Veronica when the birth mother was pregnant or after she was born. Never wanted to be involved with her pregnancy and wanted no responsibility for the child. Not only tearing her away from the only parents she has EVER known, claiming some Cherokee heritage only because it is convenient at the time and now has CHANGED HER NAME (to Victoria instead of Veronica)! Give me a break, this child is continually being traumatized – what a douche!

  8. Hunter says:
  9. PEB says:

    She is home where she belongs. They kept her from him for 2 years. They are the ones who cause this.

  10. I heart Veronica says:

    PEB- you are heartless.

  11. Cat says:

    This is probably another ploy by Dusten Brown to try to get back together with Veronica’s bio mom. That is probably his true and only motive. He has two other children with different women and lives with his parents. What a DEADBEAT dad! Bring Veronica home to her real parents!

  12. Alisha says:

    How many sperm donors have been trying to get the child back for as long as he has?? and as far as him living with his parents, he is in the middle of a remodeling of his home. That is the only reason he is staying with his parents. Why is everyone bashing this guy like this? if the child had went to live with him when he started fighting there would not be this much drama and anger.. where is the bio mother in all of this.. it just seems like she was shady. she cut off the bio father WHEN she was pregnant.. and i have heard that he tried to get her to marry him when she was pregnant is that such a bad thing.. she should of thought of all this before she spread her legs.. it so pisses me off that the bio mother is like just out of the subject and everyone is bashing the father when we have no idea of all of the circumstances.. God bless to all involved i wish that she could get to know all sides and have communication with all sides. and that she wouldnt be surrounded by people that will bash people she loves whether it be her bio father or her adoptive parents.. i know all are hurting..

  13. Adoptive Mother says:

    This is about Veronica. The ICWA was not meant for this. It was enacted during a time when a large percentage of Native American children were being forcibly taken from their homes. The birth mother chose to place this child for adoption and the father signed away his parental rights, and then 4 months after the baby was born changed his mind saying he didn’t know what he was signing. Well, if he was in the military then he CAN READ. Period. The ICWA should not trump a birth mothers wishes. To top it off, the birth mother was involved in Veronica’s life because it was an open adoption. If you want to assert bloodline as a reason for where a child is raised, that is a slippery slope…one that takes you into lots of places that people don’t want to go. How about ask the little girl where she wants to go? She will no doubt say with “mom and dad.”

  14. dana says:

    Matt and Melanie should have returned her at 4 months old. They never were able to adopt her, so they have no claim to her. What they did was cruel. Better now that she returns to her dad than when she is 5 and can remember it.

  15. Pola Griego says:

    I read about this very emotional issue. A few days later I received the petition from a colleague requesting my signature. Interestingly enough we are both social workers who work with families. I suggest that before you get swept up in the emotion of this issue that you do your homework. Learn all the sides the way you would with any issue. Be a critical thinker. Uitlize your news literacy skills and evaluate the sources of the information. Then and only then can you make an educated, informed decision and take a position.

  16. Marsha says:

    The Capobiancos should get DNA tests done to see if they have ANY Indian blood. Many people do. If they did, would that help their case? Because they could then show the baby WAS being raised in an Indian household.

  17. Liv says:

    The Cherokee Nation is not a blood quantum tribe. Even blood quantum tribes don’t recognize DNA testing. Having Veronica’s DNA tested proves nothing either way and has no bearing.

    According to all laws in this case, Veronica is now where she belongs with her father. He sought to get her back within the allowable time frame before the adoption was final (she was never adopted by the Capobianco’s), he/the tribe was not notified per ICWA, he did not sign away his parental rights in the manner prescribed by law either. The Capobianco’s, Veronica and Mr. Brown were all duped by a spiteful birthmother and the Capobianco’s had inadequate adoption representation.

    And for those wanting to quote Mr. Abourezk on what ICWA was intended for, let’s not leave off the end. He did say this is not what ICWA was intended for. He did an interview where he stated that ICWA was written in such plain english and thought to be so easily understood that yes, this is not what it was meant for in that it should never have gotten this far as to become such a tragedy. It should have been followed and understood much sooner in the game and this should not have been drug out this long.

  18. Paula says:

    The fact that instead of handing over the baby when she wouldn’t have known any different at 4 months shows how little they care for the child. They deliberately put this pain on the child because they are spoiled brats who expect to get their own way and if they don’t they will make this child’s life as hard as they can.

  19. Native Pride says:
  20. Fran M says:

    To Adoptive Mother. Numerous women put their children up for adoption and change their minds. The law allows them to do this and in most cases the child goes to the birth mother. If and I say “if” because I’ve not yet read that he did sign away his parental rights he should be allowed the same rights as a mother who changes her mind. Or are you saying that a father shouldn’t have the same rights as a mother? Not to mention the fact that anyone making a statement such as the one they made today (copy below) should be looked upon with a jaundiced eye when giving the life of a child to care for.

    Earlier Monday, the Capobiancos called on federal law enforcement to help them bring the child to South Carolina, saying they’ll take the matter into their own hands if necessary.

  21. Mead says:

    First off, no, if the Cs took a DNA test, it wouldn’t prove they have Cherokee or native DNA. That’s a scam. Cherokee ancestry is only proven by documentation that connects their ancestors to the Cherokee rolls. That is why even though Dusten may be mostly white, he is still a citizen of the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma. He has native ancestors on the rolls and the CNO have no blood quantum. The other two tribes have blood quantum, 1/4 for UKb and 1/16 for EBCI.

    Second, no, PEB is not heartless. He speaks the truth. Why are the Cs only deserving of sympathy but not Dusten Brown and the Cherokee people? As far as I’m aware, most Cherokees are conservative Christians. He might not be married to the mother but he wanted to be. It is her who was selfish and had kids from two prior men, who wormed her way out of keeping the child. She didn’t want to pay child support.

    Why is the Tea Party, of all parties, supporting this adoptive couple over a military veteran? He did not know the child was going to be given up for adoption. All of this happened while he was deployed, and he’s been fighting for her ever since he found out.

    Is the Tea Party, full of fiscally and SOCIALLY conservative people, trying to say that a veteran does not deserve protection against child theft? Are they saying the rights of the mother are more important than the father’s? I thought we were pro-life and pro-family? Would Jesus approve of a wanted child being kept away from her biological father? he doesn’t abuse her. He doesn’t neglect her. He’s married, he has a family and a tribe willing to adopt her.

    Or has the Tea Party been taken over by child stealing Brangelinas who believe white to be superior for children? I am not Cherokee but I am mixed. I know many Cherokee and I have also seen people who think they are, or they turn out to be Cherokee adults who do not know their culture and heritage. Cherokee culture is very different from typical American culture. The whole tribe is family and the mentality is “we” instead of “me.” They have conservative Christian values. If anything, you turn this girl Veronica closer to the devil when you bring her into this secular society that has been given to us.

    I’ve been a conservative republican for quite a few years, a Christian too. I’ve thought well about the Tea Party. People have always asked how a minority could support the GOP or be conservative in any way. I get angry and upset at them. Then stories like these show up and I have to ask myself that as well. I live in another state that is blue and the GOP has forgotten me. They don’t even mail me but mail my white Democrat father. I am supporting my conservative Cherokee friends who are now being told not to bother with social conservatives anymore because they don’t care about Cherokee people. And how can I argue with that? Obama is setting up ways that the tribes can communicate with the White House and conservatives are busy stealing their children.

    The bio father is the victim here. He is not a deadbeat dad. All of the mainstream media has been wrong about this and it is awful.

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