April 24, 2014

You Be the Judge

“You are known by the company you keep. Choose your associates wisely.”
— Marylou Reedy

Let’s apply this standard to Obama and see how he is to be judged. Let’s start at Harvard, the first place we have knowledge of Obama and the company he has kept. In his book “Dreams of My Father” Obama said he actively sought out Marxist professors. And indeed he did.

Henry Louis Gates

Henry Louis Gates. Harvard professor , who became the center of attention, when he had a run in with the police. It led to the famous beer summit with police Officer Crowley. He was also a professor of one Barack Insane Obama and he even held a fundraiser for Obama. (Which he conveniently left out when he condemned the police while admitting he had no idea what happened.

Gates headed the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard, where he recruited radical blacks to his department. Du Bois had joined the socialist party in 1927 and had travelled extensively through the USSR and made this observation “the most hopeful vehicle for the world.” He later wrote a book titled “Black Reconstruction,” which offered a Marxist interpretation of the Reconstruction Era. He was a hero to Prof Gates.

Gates also is a leading proponent of the reparations crowd. His additions to the staff in his department includes Cornell West, advisor to Screwy Louis and the Nation of Islam. Gates also lured to Harvard socialist sympathizer Kwame Anthony Appiah, a Ghanaian philosopher, cultural theorist and novelist, as well as William Julius Wilson, who is close to the Democrat Socialists of America. He coauthored two books with West. He was a mentor to both Barack and Michelle.

Professor Derrick Bell

Professor Derrick Bell. Professor at Harvard who led a five day sit in, vowing to remain there until the university tenured a black female professor regardless of merit. He was vigorously defended by community organizer extrordinaire, Barack Obama, the greatest president in history with the possible exceptions of Lincoln, FDR and LBJ, and moral equivilent of Ghandi and Nelson Mandela (himself a communist).

Bell, like Obama, found the law to be inconvenient and argued that instead of applying the letter of the law, social justice should be meted out by the judiciary. Remember the famous radio interview where Obama bemoaned the fact that the Supreme Court did not address redistribution of wealth. Prof Bell had strong ties to a minister by the name of Jeremiah Wright. Undoubtedly, this is where Obama got his inspiration to attend Trinity Church and accept Wright as his mentor. Write of course is the racist antiAmerican minister Obama followed for 23 years.

Let us now move on to Chicago where intimidation and political corruptness fit well into beliefs of the community organizer.

ACORN. Despite repeated denials of strong connections to ACORN, it was learned he was instrumental in their Project Vote. He also taught ACORN employees how to use intimidation to achieve their goals. Straight from the Saul Alinsky playbook. Obama participated in a panel that spoke after the play “A Love Song for Saul Alinsky” was presented. There is a tape of that event that is possessed by Obama supporter, Pam Dickler, who refuses to release it. Obama and his Obamamaniacs to this day try to claim Obama is not and never was a supporter of Alinsky. As Joe Wilson so elequently put it “You lie!!!”

Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett served on the boards of several organizations that provided funding to two prominent slumlords, Tony Rezko and Allison Davis. Davis was a former boss of Obama’s. She directed money to both of them knowing they constantly flaunted federal and state laws and ran delapidated housing for the poor.

Tony Rezko, a now convicted slumlord was the benficiary of money from the state directed by state senator Barack Obama. Rezko later helped Obama buy a house. Obama claimed that he was not aware of the federal investigations into the Rezko empire despite the fact, it was almost a daily front page story in Chicago.

Michelle Obama. This woman created an illegal or at least barely legal patient dumping scheme at Chicago Hospital, aided by her boss, Valerie Jarrett and her assistant, David Axlerod. (Familar names?) Within a week after Obama was elected to the Senate, she received a 95,000 dollar pay raise, followed closely by an earmark request by Obama to build a 1 million dollar pavilion for the hospital.

Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers, noted terrorist and member of the Weather Underground. This friendship allowed Obama to make the claim that he had something in common with Osama Bin Laden. They both had close friends who bombed the Pentagon. Obama claimed no close connection to Ayers but they served on several boards together and Obama directed charitable funds he oversaw to some of Ayers more radical organizations. They both appeared on stage together in summits where the speakers were selected by………….Michelle Obama.

Like all men, Barack Obama liked to join social organizations. In Chicago, he was a regular at the AAAN gatherings, AKA Jew Bashing Night. During the 2008 campaign, he said he was never a part of the group until pictures appeared with him sitting at the keynote speaker’s table with Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi. Said and Khalidi are the two Marxist, anti-Israeli professors who brought Ahmedinejad to Columbia University. Khalidi was also the American spokesman for the PLO. As chairman of the Woods Fund, Obama gave 2 grants to Khalidi that were forwarded to Palestinian terrorists. After 9/11 the AAAN was no longer allowed to raise money for Palestinians. It wasn’t until Obama decided to run for office that he reached out to Jews………..for their money. Another member of the AAAN, Ali Abunimah felt so betrayed by Obama meeting with the Jews, he wrote an article for the Chicago Times, (Who by the way, have a tape of that gathering and refuse to release it. Surprise surprise) that was deleted when Obama ran for president. However it’s still available here: More on Khalidi here:

Where is Obama taking Us? You be the judge!

In his first 6 months as president, Obama’s number one visitor with 22 trips was Andy Stern, then head of the SEIU. One of these visits was on August 6th, 2009. That afternoon the White House released a statement alluding to the fact that “if they punch us we will punch them back twice as hard”.  Coincidentally (or not) on the evening of that same August 6th, 4 SEIU goons hospitalized a black man for being a conservative.

His appointments also point to the kind of people he wanted working with him. Three were card carrying communists (Jones, Browner and Ross) Other unsavory characters include Anita Dunn and her husband Bauer who lied to the congress on the Fast and Furious investigation. Rahm Emmanuel and health care rationers Donald Berwick (AKA Dr Death) Ezekial Emmanuel (Rahm’s brother)( and John Holdren. Eric the Red Holder and many more illustrious illuminaries………..not.

So here are the people Obama associates with. You be the judge.

Steve Ahle

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  1. Tiger66 says:

    Sounds pretty radical to me … but the lamestream media hasn’t said a word. What the bourgeois don’t know won’t hurt them.

  2. T. Manna says:

    A long history of this kind of thing Steve, I find it irreprehensible that the information was withheld from the public in the past. And surely we must get it out there this time !!!

    Great job !!

  3. Steve Ahle says:

    I’m doing my best

  4. MissLiberty says:

    Nice wrap up of the Pretender to the Throne. You might enjoy this little gem about the mailman who knew too much: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/what_the_mailman_knows_about_ayers_and_obama.html

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