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Tea Party

In 1774, the South Carolina Gazette reports on the so-called Charleston Tea Party. You’ve heard of the Boston Tea Party, of course. Charleston had one, too!

Do You Know!

Charleston’s first "tea party" took place on December 3, 1773, thirteen days before the more famous one in Boston. Charlestonians called a meeting to decide their course of action, and all present agreed not to purchase tea. Instead of dumping it into the harbor, they unloaded the tea and stored it in the Exchange building. Not every colonist accepted this agreement, particularly many merchants, but the colonists now had an established system for dealing with future problems. They established the General Committee to enforce nonimportation agreements and resolutions in the colony. In July 1774 a ship tried to bring tea into Charleston with similar results.

- Charleston Tea Party

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How our road network was developed.

The infrastructure of the country is like a bloodstream around the body. Like the bloodstream if it works well and flows well then commerce and communication can be perfect for growth. However, if there is a block then the towns and cities we have built could wither and decay. The development of a road system has its origins deep in the past, further back than you could possibly have thought.

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