How to get rid of a mattress

How to get rid of a mattress
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When it comes to renovating our rest equipment, we may face the problem of not knowing what to do with old mattresses. Due to the volume they occupy and what they weigh, getting rid of them can be complicated. Its transportation by elevators, stairs or putting it in the car are some of the obstacles that we can find when discarding them. However, despite the complications involved in getting rid of them, it is important not to leave mattresses anywhere, as they can be recycled or reused and often end up being thrown away on public roads or wasted in landfills.

How to get rid of a mattress?

The useful life of a mattress is approximately ten years, after which its performance and shape begin to lose and deform. However, there are different types of reasons why you may decide to change a mattress. Examples of this are wanting to change the size of the bed (usually for a larger one) as well as choosing to try new mattress models different from those we are used to. The main reason why we usually decide to change our mattress is that it is no longer in good condition. Have you ever considered what you can do when disposing of a mattress?

How to get rid of a mattress

Reuse the mattress if it is in good condition

Chances are you know someone who could serve your old mattress. Otherwise, a good option is to contact an association or NGO that is in charge of sending it to those who need it most. In general, non-profit organizations that help disadvantaged people exist in all cities. Some of them usually collect this type of equipment at no cost to offer it directly to people without resources. Remember: if there is something better than recycling, it is to reuse.

Some municipalities collect them at home

If we need to get rid of a mattress without acquiring another in exchange, the municipal garbage collection services offer different possibilities. Each city council usually has a furniture collection policy, so it is best to contact the city council in question for instructions. The staff will indicate where you can deposit your mattress so that it is collected as close as possible.

The merchant can take it away

If you are going to buy a new mattress, you can ask the seller to take the old one you used. Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable system because when you receive the new product, you get rid of the old one, without the need to save it and not even leave the house. Unlike what happens with the purchase of household appliances, businesses are not obliged by any regulations to collect old mattresses. It is a voluntary service of each seller, which is increasingly common in the mattress industry.

Recycle used mattress if you want

There are a large number of companies dedicated to waste management that offer the possibility of recycling. That makes a separation of the materials and reuse them as raw material to make other products. Also, guarantee that the process is sustainable for the environment and is a good way to prevent mattresses from ending up in an ordinary landfill with the damages that this entails.

It is estimated that, currently, 60% of these items end up in these increasingly saturated landfills, which is trying to be reversed by promoting recycling. Recycling items such as mattresses means a reduction in the environmental impact and great economic saving by reusing raw materials.

If you change your mattress, but the old one is in good condition, you can give it to someone who needs it. Generally, in all cities, there are non-profit organizations that help disadvantaged people. They usually collect this type of belongings at no cost to give it to the people without resources.


If you are creative and let yourself be carried away by the latest trends, you can easily get rid of the mattress to give it another use in your home. Reuse and restoration are very fashionable today in the world of decoration. A very easy proposal is to convert your old mattress into a bench that you can place in any corner of your home and turn it into a space for relaxation or reading.



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