Who We Are

Hello! We are Maria and Celi (we are sisters!) And 2 years ago we started in this blogging world with 0 knowledge (seriously, 0) The only thing we were clear about was that we wanted to create a blog, to do something that we were passionate about, and also to make money from it… After 2 years of learning (and many mistakes made along the way) we have learned everything there is to do and what NOT to do to create a professional blog and earn money from it.


Almost 2 years ago, with our first blog, we learned how to get visits to our blog, collaborate with brands, earn money with affiliate marketing, create content for our audience ... and constantly receive emails asking: How do you create a blog? How can you make money with a blog? ... and we decided to create this blog to share everything we have learned from the world of blogging! At 6 months we had a community of more than 6,000 subscribers, and more than 300 girls with big dreams like us had gone through one of our programs or had acquired one of our guides!


We do not know how you got here, but what we do know is that if you are reading this right now, it is because you are prepared to do something more with your life than simply following the routine that you have now. Maybe you dream of traveling - without having to wait for the 3 weeks of vacation a year you have -, or you dream of having more free time for yourself, or you just want to live more creatively doing what you like and what you love. passionate, #Yes or no? A blog is the best way to do what you like, from anywhere in the world and without spending a lot of money! #Oh Yes! So if you are ready to do something else with your life, and carry out that project, you are in the right place girl!

Mahatma Gandhi

Be the change that
you wish to
see in the world.