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Tea Party

In 1774, the South Carolina Gazette reports on the so-called Charleston Tea Party. You’ve heard of the Boston Tea Party, of course. Charleston had one, too!

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Charleston’s first "tea party" took place on December 3, 1773, thirteen days before the more famous one in Boston. Charlestonians called a meeting to decide their course of action, and all present agreed not to purchase tea. Instead of dumping it into the harbor, they unloaded the tea and stored it in the Exchange building. Not every colonist accepted this agreement, particularly many merchants, but the colonists now had an established system for dealing with future problems. They established the General Committee to enforce nonimportation agreements and resolutions in the colony. In July 1774 a ship tried to bring tea into Charleston with similar results.

- Charleston Tea Party

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Corey Taylor net worth, wife and children, height, age, what happened to her neck?

Several top Hollywood actors and musicians that we see on the big screen today actually struggled with drugs. Although many of them sadly died from an overdose, Corey Taylor, who struggled with hard substances like cocaine, fortunately, rehabilitated himself and is currently making the most of his “new life”.

At age 15, while staying with his family in Waterloo, Corey was already addicted to hard drugs and had taken a cocaine overdose twice. Later he would move to his grandmother’s house in Des Moines, where he gradually recovered and developed a strong passion for music.

Today he occupies a prestigious position in the world of entertainment, having developed in various fields. Most people only know Taylor as the lead vocalist and lyricist for America’s favorite bands: Slipknot and Stone Sour, but we have a lot to tell you about the superstar. Just keep reading!

Corey Taylor – Biography, Age

The popular American musician was born as CoreyTodd Taylor on December 8, 1973, in Des Moines, Iowa. He was raised in a multiracial family along with his sister. Corey is of Irish and Dutch descent on his mother’s side and of German and indigenous descent on his father’s side.

The musician and his sister were raised without the help of his mother in Waterloo, Iowa. He first met his father when he turned 30 and has since developed a relationship with him, although they hardly know each other.

At the moment, information on Corey Taylor’s educational qualifications and the learning institutions she attended are not available.

His wife and children

The Slipknot leader is currently married to Stephanie Luby. The musical couple married in Las Vegas, inside The Pearl concert theater of the Palms Hotel. In November 2009, in the presence of their families, friends, and loved ones.

Before his marriage, Taylor was previously married to actress Scarlett Stone, whom he dated for six years. Their marriage took place at the Des Moines, Iowa Botanical Center on March 11, 2004. Two years after Scarlett gave birth to his son, Griffin Parker.

Scarlett and Corey divorced in 2007. They claimed in 2008 that they decided to go their separate ways after realizing that they had been damaged too much. In addition to Griffin, Corey Taylor also has a daughter named Angeline, who came from a previous relationship.

At the moment, it is difficult to know if Luby and the musician are still legally together as husband and wife. From what we gathered, it appears that Taylor is in a relationship with someone else. Furthermore, his Twitter announcement on December 28, 2017, that he had not been with his wife for 10 months and had started dating is another important reason to believe that he is no longer an item with his wife.

Age of wife

Born on November 14, 1976, Stephaine Luby are a model and designer. She married the main vocalist at the age of 33, but their union did not produce any children, since when her husband announced that he was dating another person. Luby’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, while her birth sign is the scorpion.

The singer’s rumored girlfriend is none other than professional dancer Alicia Dove. Founder of Cherry Bombs, a professional dance group for girls who recently toured with Corey Stone Sour’s band.

Although Taylor and Dove’s relationship has been circulating online for some time. The singer and his younger girlfriend have yet to publicly respond to the rumor.

Corey Taylor Net Worth

Corey Taylor is an American musician best known as the lead vocalist. And lyricist of Slipknot who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Height: How tall is it?

The American music star is 1.7 meters tall, measuring 5 feet 7 inches. He weighs 65 kg or 143 pounds and is blessed with light brown hair and blue eyes.

What happened to your neck?

Corey is best known for doing so many “crazy” things on stage. This could have caused his injury on set during one of his performances, resulting in him breaking his neck inadvertently.

He only found out about the injury after he was diagnosed by a team of doctors who discovered he needed immediate surgery due to the severity of the problem. Spinal surgery led to his band, Slipknot, canceling the first two weeks of their summer tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men.

Corey has been with Slipknot since 1997. He joined the band as a replacement for their original lead vocalist. The American author, musician, singer, songwriter, and actor has also released five studio albums with the Des Moines-based band.

In addition to singing, Taylor plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion. He is also a member of the band Stone Sour, which she formed in 1992.

Chevy Chase net worth, biography, height, age, spouse, children, is he still alive?

Chevy Chase is one of the best comics Hollywood has ever honored, thanks in part to his talent, the comedy show. Saturday night live was brought to life in its early years. As is often the case with most comedians, Chase dabbled in movies and, over the years, has won a handful of awards to show for his works, including but not limited to three Emmy’s. Over the years, Chase has hit a fair amount of punches, but despite everything, he has managed to stay relentless, refusing to give up on mediocrity. Regardless of how his final years in the industry unfold, Chase would be forever remembered in the entertainment industry; after all, he was once called “The Funniest Man in America”.

Chevy Chase’s Bio, Age

On October 8, 1943, in Lower Manhattan, New York, Cornelius Crane Chase was born; The name “Chevy” was a nickname given to him by his grandmother when he was 2 years old. Chase comes from a very wealthy New York family that has had wealth in his lineage since 1624. His father, Edward Tinsley Chase, was a famous editor and magazine writer in Manhattan, while his mother, Cathalene Parker (née Browning) adopted Father was an heir to the Crane Company who made a name for himself as a concert pianist and librettist.

Unfortunately, Chase’s parents divorced when he was just 4 years old, leaving him raised primarily by his mother, who, as she would later reveal in her 2007 biography, had physically and mentally abused him. Chevy grew up to become quite an unstable boy, having been expelled from school a few times before graduating from Stockbridge School as a freshman.

He attended Haverford College during which his comic side became very apparent. Originally an aspiring medical student, Chase, who was noted for her slapstick comedy, switched her interests to comedy. Chase, a talented drummer, and pianist was part of two short-lived bands. He would later attend Bard Colege from where he graduated with an English degree.

While waiting for his comedy career to begin, Chevy Chase worked a number of odd jobs, including as a taxi driver and trucker, motorcycle courier, waiter, and construction worker. He began his career as a writer for Smothers Brothers and National Lampoon, the latter would be very successful in producing a series of successful holiday movies. Chase’s debut performance was in the 1974 film Slot Tube. His performance caught the attention of Lorne Michaels, who included him in the first season of Saturday Night Live as a writer, and the rest is history.

Chevy Chase Spouse and Children

Chevy Chase has been married to JayniLuke since 1982, they had their wedding precisely on June 19 in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. With Jayni, Chase has three sons, all daughters; They include Cydney Cathalene Chase, who was born in 1982, actress and writer Caley Leigh Chase, born in 1984, and Emily Evelyn Chase, who arrived in 1988.

Chase’s wife, Jayni, was on the crew of the 1983 Lampoon National Holidays as a location secretary. She was born Jayni Ann Luke on August 24, 1957, in Los Angeles, California. An environmentalist like her husband, Jayni is the founder of the Center for Environmental Education.

After his alcohol abuse that saw him diagnosed with alcohol cardiomyopathy, reports emerged that his wife threatened to quit, yet he cleaned up his act and the duo has remained married.

If Jayni had divorced Chase, it wouldn’t have been the first time he has failed in the marriage, as the comic actor has been through two divorces. His first marriage to Susan Hewitt ended in divorce after just three years in February 1976, while his second marriage to Jacqueline Carlin lasted only four years from December 1976 to November 1980. Neither of his two previous marriages had a child.

Chevy Chase Net worth

Chevy Chase has to thank SNL for its fame, as it turned out to be its great success, thanks to its successful segment. Weekend update. He left SNL after a season and for his first lead role in Dirty Play (1978), he earned two Golden Globe winks. Chase achieved great success with his films during the 1980s, including; Caddyshack, It seems like old times, Spies like us and Three friends. The 1980s were undoubtedly the peak of his career, as he was paid up to $ 7 million for a role in the film.

Chevy Chase’s career began to wane in the 1990s when his successes dwarfed his previous successes. He seemed to have recovered with the lead role in the television series, Community (2009-2014), but his creative differences saw him depart. Despite his professional decline, Chase has done well to keep his wealth afloat as it is worth a whopping $ 50 million.

Is he still alive?

When a star’s career begins to wane, I often wonder if they are dead because of less activity. Chevy Chase is still very much alive. His career may never return to his glory years, but the actor is willing to give it a try anyway. After his battle with alcoholism, the actor revealed in September 2018 that he was sober and ready to work.


In addition to his deep baritone voice, another Chevy Chase’s signature physical trait is his great height. Chase is 6 feet 4 inches tall and, as a result, stood out among his co-stars during his early days on SNL – in fact, he was the tallest guy on the show.

7 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

Of all the car insurance tips out there, the ones that most drivers really want to know are those that can help them save money on their policy. The good news is that, while you must own car insurance in order to legally drive on the nation’s roadways, there is a multitude of options that can make it easier to afford this mandatory coverage.

Different Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

If you’re looking for air conditioning tips, the most useful might be knowing why your air conditioner won’t switch on when you need it to work. The last thing you want is for the thermometer outside to reach triple digits when your AC is on the blink. There is nothing worse than being left to sweat and suffer wishing your air conditioner would work and cool things down.

The good news is that you may not need air conditioning repair specialists to solve the problem. Many such problems are relatively simple to diagnose and fix and you can sometimes deal with the issue yourself, saving a whole lot of money on repair costs and keeping your home a lot more comfortable.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat is the nerve center of your air conditioning system. It’s the device that controls your HVAC, so if you are finding that your air conditioner won’t turn on, the thermostat is often to blame. The issue may lie there while your air conditioner system is actually operating just fine.

You will need to test your thermostat to see if that is indeed the culprit. The first thing to do is set the device to the correct temperature. When you’re ready to test the thermostat, adjust it to a lower temperature and be sure you’ve switched the system to cool. You should hear a click noise indicating that the system has switched on and working.

But if you get no response after adjusting the thermostat accordingly, check the batteries inside the device. If they are old, leaking, or you just can’t remember when you put in the current set of batteries, it probably means you need to install a fresh set. After that, turn to the switch on your circuit breaker. Has it been tripped? See if a fuse has been blown and then see about setting it back into place.

Either of these could be the reason why your air conditioner won’t turn on. But if nothing is wrong with the fuse and the batteries are fresh and you continue to have problems, there are other things to consider.

Damaged Wiring

Air conditioners are like any other piece of delicate equipment, they can begin to break down and show the effects of wear and tear over time. The wiring in any air conditioner system can start to feel this wear and tear and the result can be an inability to turn on when needed. These internal wires could start to erode, snap, or become damaged in some way that would interrupt the proper operation of the air conditioner.

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your system moves among a network of tubes and when an air conditioning system is having trouble operating properly, one of the diagnoses will almost always be a shortage of this essential component. Refrigerant is not something that you might expect to run short on as it’s not a consumable element.

If your HVAC system has run low on refrigerant, that can only mean there is a leak somewhere in the system. A leak in this network of tubes means the liquid is dripping out and getting into the air supply which can be a very bad problem.

Proper Airflow

Sometimes, your air conditioner won’t run properly if it’s not getting the air flow it needs. Movement of air through the system is imperative to ensuring that it works correctly. Without it, you can bet your air conditioner won’t turn on. So, you’ll want to check your air filter to see if it’s clean or if it needs to be replaced. A clogged and dirty air filter can hinder that air flow the system needs to run smoothly.

Changing out your filter can also improve the air quality in the home by filtering out those microscopic particles, bacteria, and various hazardous contaminants that can move freely through the home. A clean air filter keeps those harmful elements out of the air and out of your lungs.

Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor’s main purpose is to pump the refrigerant through your air conditioner system. However, if the compressor starts to malfunction or poops out altogether, you will need to eventually replace that component. The unit will work extra hard to continue trying to do the job it has been tasked to complete, but eventually, even that will tax the system and the air conditioner will end up breaking down entirely.

As a result, it will not turn on and you will be left with an inoperable HVAC system.

How to fix dropped phone in water wont charge? Step by step solution.

The tragedy happens: We have dropped the phone into the water and it is not those with IP68 certification capable of holding it submerged for a few minutes, but a phone that only supports splashes and little else. The causes are not important but acting quickly. Right now, time is key and putting a rescue plan into action becomes essential if we don’t want to end up using one of those ‘old’ terminals that we had at home just in case. If you have dropped phone in water wont charge, you must follow these steps quickly, especially if it has been on the beach since sea ​​salt is a very powerful corrosive.

Fix dropped phone in water wont charge

Follow to steps to fix dropped phone in water wont charge.

Step 1

The most obvious, getting the terminal out of where it is submerged as soon as possible is crucial, and the fewer seconds it takes, the more opportunities we will have. If it was off, don’t turn it on. If it has turned off, do not turn it on to see if it still works. And if it is still on, do not start operating it, just remove the battery quickly, since the electrical contacts of the phone in connection with the water that has entered it can cause a short circuit. And if we see sparks jump, then we must abandon all hope.

Step 2

The problem is that many current phones have a built-in battery, so opening it is a complicated task. If the mobile is a removable battery, look for the so-called Water damage sensor. It should be through the battery hole and consists of a white dot or square that if the phone gets wet, it changes color. This is a security measure that manufacturers put in place for a user to abuse the warranty. If it has changed color, then the warranty is no longer valid and we must try to resuscitate it ourselves. Take this moment also to remove the SIM and microSD card if it had. Anything that can be removed from the mobile, such as cases, covers, covers, external connector, take it away.

Step 3

Now comes the first phase of drying. It is best to place the mobile on a cloth and remove it little by little with another cloth or some absorbent paper. You must move it as little as possible, so that the water does not spread, and check small drops in holes such as the charging port, the plug for the headphones, etc.

Step 4

If you have a vacuum cleaner, do not hesitate to pass it to the terminal, in this way, you can suck any remaining liquid that has been left inside, where we do not reach the cloth. With this method, you could dry a mobile in about 30 minutes. But if you don’t have it, don’t be tempted to use a hairdryer. There indeed are those who recommend it, but the problem is that the heat can be excessive for the mobile’s internal components, and the effect of blowing air that makes a dryer can put possible water remains inside.

Step 5

After making sure that we can no longer dry it by ourselves, it is time to let nature do and follow the indication that has gone viral online: Put the smartphone in rice. Rice certainly helps absorb moisture. And some have revived phones like this and others who have not worked for them. The idea is that you put the mobile in a bag with rice or, if anything, with one of those silica gel bags with anti-humidity balls that come when we buy a case, a suitcase, etc. Put the phone in and leave it for a period of 24 to 48 hours to make sure. And rotate it from time to time so that moisture is absorbed from everywhere.

Step 6

This is an extra step that you may or may not take. After taking out the mobile, you can try to place it for a few hours on an absorbent material such as napkins, kitchen paper, wipes, etc., and leave it in the sun but watching and being careful.

Step 7

The moment of truth: After waiting a minimum of 24 hours, but the battery and try to turn it on. If nothing happens, remove the battery and plug the phone into the charger. If it lights up, it is the battery that is wrong. If it doesn’t light up, it’s because we couldn’t save it. If it turns on and you see that it sounds strange, it is that you still have some water left right in the speaker. For this, there is an amazing app that draws water from the speaker of your mobile.

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